•  Marketing I- Qtr 2  2014
     Nov. 18-20Economics PPT- Economics Systerms; Quick oral review of economic terms discussed in PPT.   Assignment- Students work in small group to complete Comparing Economic Systems. Comparison chart due Nov. 24th.  50 Points  Comparing Economic Systems Activity
    Week of  Nov 24-25 School Store Labs 
     Dec. 1 Economics PPT- Economics Resources, Scarcity, and Choices   Review terms discussed in PPT
     Dec. 3 PPT Lesson: Supply and Demand  Students work with a partner to complete the activity on the last PPT slide:  Students work with a partner to research a current product that is in high demand or scarce.  Students prepare a brief PPT presentation to deliver to the class that identifies the product or service; the company that provides that product or service; why it is in high demand or scarce; and how the demand impacts the price of the product or service.
    Dec 5  PPT Lesson: Economics-Business Ownership- Following the PPT lesson students work independently to complete the activity: Types of Business Ownership 
    Dec 9- Review for Quiz
    Dec 11- Quiz
    Dec 15-  View video "Cool Runnings" in class- back story of Jamaican Olympic Team that leads to Economic Project on economy of Jamaica.  Video Lesson Guide- Turn in at end of class.  50 Points Class Assignment
     Dec 17  
    Dec 19 
    Dec 22- Jan 5- WINTER BREAK
     January 5- B Day class- Promotion Pre Test and Promotion PPT.Lesson.; Class Activity- Promotional Mix-instructions are found on last slide of Promotion PPT
    January 6- A Day class- Inclement weather-
    January 7- B Day class- Snow Day
    January 8- Snow Day
    January 9- B Day class- 2 hour delay; students reviewed for exam 
     January 12- Snow Day
     January 14- 2 hour delay; students reviewed for exam
    January 15- B Day- assigned exam project for students to review and prepare for exam day
    January 16- A Day- LCPS announces that MidTerm exams canceled.  Began instruction with this class on Promotion and Promotional Mix
    Promotional Mix PPT; Promotion PPT.Lesson Class Activity instructions found on last page of PPT slides 
    January 20- B Day- Promotional Mix PPT presentations
    January 21- A Day Promotional Mix PPT presenations
    January 22- PPT lesson on Print Ads.  Assignment- create print ad that integrates the marketing mix.  50 points
    January 23- PPT lesson on print Ads.  Assignment- create print ad that integrates the marketing mix.  50 POints.
    End of Quarter 2 
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