• What did we do today/ What did I miss?????  Am I expected to complete these tasks in order to get credit for them if I was absent today? YES!!!!

    Monday/10-27-2014 (A) & Tuesday/10-28-2014 (B)

    Essential Questions: 1. Why is Geoffrey Chaucer considered one of the greatest British Literature authors of all times? 
                                      2. What does "frame story" mean? 
    Bell-Ringer: 1. Review Agenda handout for today/ make the necessary adjustments
                         2. Author Study- Geoffrey Chaucer Read pgs. 107-110 & 168  PDF- Chaucer    PDF Chaucer 2
                         3. Discuss HW assignmentCreate an informational brochure about G. Chaucer***** 10/29 & 10/30/2014 DUE DATE!!!
                         4. Prepare for Battle of the Sexes discussions-pick two activities to investigate for the first Battle of the Sexes Discussions.  Due on Nov. 5 (B)/     Nov. 6 (A).  You have time to bring in something of value for the first round of discussions!
    Classwork: 1. Read "Federigo's Falcon" pg. 172-176   Federigo's Falcon PDF 2014
                       2. Create a Dialectical Journal that focuses on "characterization" for Mona & Federigo- 2 per character= 4 entries total. 
                       3. Answer questions on page 177 #3,4.
     Class Discussion: Students were able to get participation points by contributing to our "lively" discussion.  In order to get these points (if you were absent), you have to weigh in on the following topics when you return to class:
    1. Today we talked about the expectations society has placed on BOTH males and females.
    2. We discussed who "runs the show" within our homes.
    3. We discussed future plans in reference to marriage and raising children.
    4. We discussed the expectations that bother us the most, and the expectations/stereotypes that bother us the most.
    5. We discussed which character we liked the least between Mona & Federigo.
    6. We  discussed what Mona & Federigo have in common.
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