BRAINWORK – before going to the classroom library I think about…

    • a topic I’m interested in
    • a familiar author
    • a series I’d like to read
    • I’d like to try something new!


    PREVIEW – using parts of the book to help me learn more about it.

    • read the title and summary (on back or inside jacket)
    • look at cover and illustrations
    • read table of contents


    TRY IT – check to see if it is easy, just right, or challenging

    • turn to the first page of the book or chapter and read several pages aloud (quietly)
    • close the book and retell the part you read


    DECIDE – is this book “just right”?

    • did I read it at a conversational speed?
    • did it sound smooth?
    • were there a few (0-3) hard words?
    • did I understand the story?


    If you answered yes to all of these questions then you have chosen a…

    Just Right Book!


    JUST RIGHT – you understand it well, read it smoothly, only a few places where you have to slow down to figure out a word or think about the meaning.



    EASY – fun, relaxing, doesn’t take lots of effort
    *read it independently for at home reading time
    CHALLENGING – difficult to read, hard to understand or confusing
    *have an adult read it to you or with you


Last Modified on October 27, 2014