• January 9th, 2020

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 1/16/2020

    RHES PTO General Meeting Minutes


    January 9th, 2020


    Meeting began at 8:15am


    Executive Board Members in Attendance:  Marquex Faulkner, Laurie White, Katie Lucas, Sylvia Thames joined by Mr. Davis and 3 parents


    Welcome given by Marquex Faulkner


    Treasurer’s Report presented by Sylvia Thames (see Treasurer report)

    • Report prepared by Lizzie Huff, before she officially turned over her role as Treasurer to Sylvia Thames
    • At the next meeting we will decide whether to replace the wreath fundraiser with the Holiday Shop, or keep both, as the online wreath fundraiser has a much smaller profit than the Holiday Shop


    Events Update by Marquex Faulkner

    • Our next big event is the Snow Ball, happening on January 24th. This will be a more low-key event, similar to the Sock Hop.  A huge thank you to Katy Prime who has offered to sponsor our DJ again!
    • Muffins with Moms will be on Feb 5th (A-K) and 6th (L-Z)
    • Bingo Night will be on Feb 28th. Raffle baskets will be integrated into the evening, but will be raffled off earlier, and in between games.  There will be a cut off for buying raffle tickets before Bingo
      • There will be pre-orders for pizza, as well as bingo sheets and daubers. These will be through PTBoard
    • We decided to change our Silent Auction this year, so that it does not coincide with Movie Night. It will still be online but will be its own event and will take place in April
      • Laurie White is looking to put together a committee for this event, so anyone interested can reach out, as well as if you know someone that would like to donate to the auction.


    Fundraising Updates by Marquex Faulkner

    • Box Top Collection – There will be a promotion on the Box Top App where schools will be entered into a raffle. The school with the most box tops will receive $500, and the person from that school who submits the most will also receive $50.
    • A flyer will be sent home soon with information about our Coca Cola Rewards incentives


    Raffle Baskets Update by Marquex Faulkner, for Stacey Schoeffler

    • Raffle baskets will be due on Feb 21st
    • We will have a video of all of the baskets that will be posted so that people can view them ahead of time
    • Students will also receive 1 free ticket to enter into the basket of their choice
    • Baskets will coincide with Bingo Night again, on Feb 28th, however ticket sales will be cut before Bingo


    Admin Report by Mr. Davis


    • Epic Showcase time has been changed to start at 9:30am instead of 8:30am – this is more so the 5thgraders don’t have to miss out on their Specials (Art, Music, etc)
    • We are having our second House Day on Jan 30th. This was a huge success last year, however, this time it will be half way through the year, instead of at the end.  Students will spend the whole day with their House and will rotate around the school doing different activities that relate to their House.
    • We also received 5 LEF grants (Loudoun Education Foundation) totaling $1500. A huge thank you goes to Marquex Faulkner for all of her hard work preparing these!
      • We received $500 for the following:
        • Veterans PBL
        • 1st Grade Books – Animals unit PBL
        • Bullying Prevention Program (Mrs. Williams)
      • Second grading period ends on Friday, January 17th. Reports cards will be available on Parent Vue, January 24th.



    List of events until next PTO meeting:


    No School – Teacher Day & MLK Day

    Jan 20 & 21

    Snow Ball

    Jan 24th 6:30 – 8pm

    Epic Showcase 2

    Jan 28th 9:30-11am

    House Day

    Jan 30

    Muffins with Moms

    Feb 5 & 6

    For the Love of Reading

    Feb 13th 6-8pm

    No School – Presidents Day

    Feb 17

    Healthy Heart Run

    Feb 19

    Bingo Night

    Feb 28

    No School – Staff Development

    Mar 3

    Next PTO Meeting

    Mar 6th 5:30pm



    Next PTO Meeting on March 6th

    Meeting Closed at 8:44am

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  • December 11th, 2019

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 12/11/2019

    PTO President, Marquex Faulkner, called an electronic meeting on the matter of replacing our current PTO treasurer, due to Mrs. Huff's request.  In accordance with RHES PTO Bylaws, on December 11, 2019, the Executive Board voted unanimously to replace current treasurer, Lizzie Huff, with Sylvia Thames, effective January 1, 2020 through the end of her current term.

    We thank Mrs. Lizzie Huff for all of her hard work and for her support of the PTO and the students and staff of Round Hill Elementary.

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  • November 8th 2019

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 11/13/2019

    RHES PTO General Meeting Minutes


    November 8th, 2019


    Meeting began at 8:34am


    Executive Board Members in Attendance:  Marquex Faulkner, Stacey Schoeffler, Laurie White, Katie Lucas, Stacy Dillenburg, joined by Mr. Davis, Ms. Davis, Mrs. Parker, and 12 parents


    Welcome given by Marquex Faulkner


    Treasurer’s Report presented by Marquex Faulkner in Lizzie Huff’s absence (see Treasurer report)


    Events Update by Stacey Schoeffler

    • Wreath Fundraiser: We are using Mickmans, as we did last year. This year only the holiday tree and centerpiece will be available in-person.  Delivery is expected to be on Dec 2nd.  Everything else will be available online through Mickman website.
    • Spirit Wear: We have a limited amount of items that are online through November 11th. Those items will be available through PTBoard, and delivery is expected the week of December 2nd
    • Holiday Shop: This will be a new event this year, and we are still working out all of the information. There will be two dates for this, December 4thand 6th; times are still TBD. We will need several volunteers for this event, and that information will come out at a later date. 
    • Movie Night: We will have another free event on Dec 13th. We will be showing the movie, The Grinch. Free popcorn will be provided as well


    Fundraising Updates by Marquex Faulkner

    • Bear Crawl was a huge success. We hit our budget and were able to purchase the foam machine, which we will be using at future events
    • Spooky Sock Hop was another success. This year we added the option to Trick or Treat beforehand and will discuss whether we continue to add this event in the future. 


    SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) Update by Ms. Davis & Alexandra Davila

    • SEAC consists of members throughout the LCPS community, who meet monthly to address Special Needs in the community
    • There are 3 SEAC representatives from our school: Alexandra Davila, Jodi Walters, & Heather Frakes
    • There have been discussions on whether to have extra meetings every couple of months as a support type group
    • Parent Resource Services in LCPS provide tutors, behavioral help, IEP’s. org/parentresourceservices is a great place to answer any questions you may have; provide classes that anyone can attend


    Admin Report by Mr. Davis

          All about our House System

    • PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) – Every school in VA is required to have a PBIS team, which sets goals based on improved student achievement
    • Students in grades 3-5 were given a survey which asked questions regarding student to student relationships and student to staff relationships; survey showed that there was a huge disconnect. This is where the House System comes into play
    • Our House System was developed from the Ron Clark Academy and their goal of supporting community; building better relationships
    • A group of teachers, including Mr. Davis, attended the Ron Clark Academy in Georgia, and after long discussions decided to create our House System; with the goal of building relationships outside of the classroom.
    • Our House System:
    • There are six different houses/colors, all named after “creators”:
    1. Rowling (purple)
    2. Bach (blue
    3. Carver (green)
    4. Newton (red)
    5. DaVinci (orange)
    6. Edison (yellow)
    • Each House meets once a month; during those meetings there is some type of “service” tied in. For example, this month students made poppies for Veterans Day.
    • There are handshakes/’chants” for each House
    • At the initial House meeting, students were asked to give 3 words and 3 pictures that they thought defined their House – the school is currently working on a design to create a Crest for each House, using those words/pictures
    • Last year we had House Day, where students stayed with their house throughout the entire day and did activities based on their creator – there will be another House Day in January 2020.
    • Points are tracked over the course of each week, and at the end of the week the House with the most points gets to raise their flag; All staff use the class dojo app which allows them to enter points. Points are given out to students or classes for positive actions.
    • The outcome of the House System has been huge so far; there is so much more conversation between students and staff who are now able to identify with other members of their House; students are being matched with “mentors” in their house who can help them out; whether it’s reading to the younger students, or just being a friend.

    MSAC (Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee) Update by Omari Faulkner

    • Omari is looking for another representative; someone else that will be able to attend meetings and represent Round Hill


    List of events until next PTO meeting:


    Book Fair Week

    Nov 11th-15th

    Family Night at Book Fair

    Nov 12th

    Family Bowling Night

    Nov 12th

    More Better Spirit Night

    Nov 12th

    Turkey Trot

    Nov 19th (2:45pm)

    STEAM Night Fairy Tale Adventure

    Nov 20th (6pm)

    Thanksgiving Break

    Nov 27th – 29th

    Kids Winter Shop

    Dec 4th & 6th (Times TBD)

    Career Day

    Dec 6th

    Winter Movie Night

    Dec 13th (6:30pm)

    Winter Sing Along

    Dec 20th (1:30pm)

    Winter Break

    Dec 23rd -Jan 3rd

    ASEP Session 2 Begins

    Jan 7th & 8th

    PTO Meeting

    Jan 8th

    Donuts with Dads

    Jan 8th & 9th


    Next PTO Meeting on January 8th

    Meeting Closed at 9:30am

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  • September 5th 2019

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 9/7/2019 4:00:00 PM

    RHES PTO General Meeting Minutes 

    September 6th, 2019


    Meeting began at 1:15pm

    Executive Board Members in Attendance:  Marquex Faulkner, Lizzie Huff, Stacey Schoeffler, Laurie White, Katie Lucas, Stacy Dillenburg, joined by Mr. Davis and 14 parents


    Welcome given by Marquex Faulkner

    • Discussed overview of transition from PTA to PTO; everything required for dissolution of PTA has been completed, with final tax report to be filed soon. 
      Our PTO has received its non-profit approval and Virginia Sales tax exemption


    Treasurer’s Report presented by Lizzie Huff (see Treasurer report)

    • Marquex moved to vote to approve the budget adopted by the Executive Board on Aug. 8th. Motion seconded by multiple members present.  Floor was opened for discussion and approved by unanimous voice vote. 
    • Part of our budget this year will go towards sunshades for the playground (~$6000)
    • This year we are changing how the teachers are reimbursed for classroom expenses. They will receive one check at the beginning of the year, and another mid-year


    Bear Crawl Update presented by Satira Davis

    • This will be our major fundraiser event for the year, on Friday, October 4thfrom 5:30-8pm
    • There will be an obstacle course with something for all ages; will include paint/colors/water and more
    • Concessions will be available, and the Round Hill firetruck will be there as well.
    • Registration opens Sept 20thand we will be collecting donations until October 6th, two days after event ends; there will be incentives for early registration
    • This year everyone will receive a dri-fit T-shirt, regardless of registration; registration will be free for family and friends
    • Flyers/letters will be sent out to new families next week, everyone else will receive a flyer the following week


    Rewards Update presented by Aubrei Kucera

    • Giant is no longer participating, so there will be a big push for Harris Teeter rewards
    • Box Tops have gone digital – certain clippable box tops will be taken until 2021 – Please download the app to scan receipts for box tops
    • Amazon Smile – purchases from Amazon should be made through Amazon Smile website, we will receive .5% back for each eligible purchase
    • Coca-Cola - app available to scan rewards; robot in front office still collecting coke tabs/caps
    • Shoparoo – our newest rewards program – receipts from anywhere (except gas stations) can be scanned; our school gets points or will be placed in a lottery to win money for the school
    • Rewards Chairs Robin Gebhardt & Aubrei Kucera are working on a video which will explain how to sign up for all rewards


    Spirit Wear update presented by Beth Herbert

    • There were 50 online orders this year
    • Added joggers, pajama pants, zip up hoodies as request from last year; open to ideas for next year
    • Spirit Wear not considered a fundraiser, very little upcharge added to items – we had approx $600 in profit this year, which is a small decrease from last year


    Upcoming Events presented by Stacey Schoeffler

    • Spooky Sock Hop – October 25th– We are looking for a chair person for this event; a point person to work with Stacey


    Spirit Nights/Fundraising presented by Laurie White

    • Spirit Nights will be coordinated with other events, i.e. Volleyball game & Chick-Fil-A
    • Only 1-2 Spirit Nights per month
    • This year the Silent Auction will be its own event; hosted at B-Chord Brewery – it will also be online


    Volunteer Updates presented by Stacy Dillenburg

    • Thanks to all of the volunteers who have already signed up to help; our goal is to keep volunteers in house so that the money we make is kept in the school. At the same time, we really want to make sure parents are able to spend time with their children during events, so we only ask for help if completely necessary.  That being said, we will be in need of lots of volunteers, especially during set up for events (Bear Crawl will be a huge one)
    • Teachers are working on sending out emails for room mom volunteers
    • We have a “General Help” volunteer list for events; email Stacy Dillenburg (stacy97@me.com) to be added to list
    • Monthly Staff Appreciation being led by Lesley Allman & Shelley McCullers – look out for emails/sign-ups to help out


    Admin Report presented by Mr. Davis

    • House shirts have been ordered, should be here within a week or so

                    -Adult size shirts have been ordered, if parents are interested

                    -Shirts will be on sale for $10 each, paper order form will be sent home; all profits from shirt sales will be rolled back into House System

    • Kindergarten PBL will be designing their courtyard. “Making their designs a reality”
    • Discussed Life Lessons - each week is focused on a different life lesson; this week, responding to adults using “Yes Ma’am, No Sir”
    • Every Friday the House with the most points get to raise their House flag and start morning with a dance celebration
    • Running Club will be every Tuesday-Thursday morning, from 7:30-7:45am, as long as we have enough volunteers; we currently have volunteers for the month of September. All parents are welcome to join their student(s) in the morning.
    • New traffic pattern was discussed as there are approx 30 more cars in the lineup this year. Mr. Davis has been working with transportation to come up with a better solution. Thanks for everyone’s patience as the new process is worked out.
    • We have a new streaming channel, no longer through YouTube; the channel is controlled by LCPS. We can add live links to anything through the channel.
    • Big thanks to Michelle Payne, one of our parents, who is currently redoing our logo and our House crests


    Closing remarks from Marquex Faulkner

    • ASEP (After School Enrichment Programs) Registration will begin next week. There will be 3 sessions this year; only 1 session will be rolled out at a time

                   -Registration will close one week before class starts

    • Our meeting times have been adjusted throughout the year, to give people a chance to attend.
    • We are looking for a co-rep for MSAC (Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee) and SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee); basically someone to represent our school at the county meetings. Please let Marquex or Mr. Davis know if this is something you would be interested in.
    • Make sure you sign up on at least one of our social media platforms to get updates/reminders on all of our events, spirit nights, etc – you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as the RH website, PTboard and the Remind app


    List of events until next PTO meeting:


    Spirit Night – Chalking with Rinehart

    Sept 12th 6pm-8pm

    Kindergarten Back to School Night

    Sept 18th

    Fall Fundraiser Begins: Run for Fun

    Sept. 20th 

    Family Hike Night

    Sept. 26th

    ASEP Session 1 Begins

    Oct. 1 & Oct. 2

    National Walk to School Day


    Bear Crawl Fundraiser

    Oct. 4 5:30-8pm

    Watch Dogs/Bears Kickoff

    Oct 10th 

    School Holiday – Columbus Day

    Oct. 14

    Code to the Future Epic Showcase

    Oct. 22

    Spooky Sock Hop

    Oct. 25th 6:30pm

    Spirit Night – Chipotle

    Oct. 29th 4-8pm

    NO School – Teacher Admin

    Nov. 4 & 5

    Spirit Night – Atomic Trampoline & BurgerFi

    Nov. 4

    Next PTO Meeting

    Nov. 8th – 5:30pm


    Next PTO Meeting on November 8th, at 5:30pm

    Meeting Closed at 2:17pm

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