• May 23, 2019 Special Meeting

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 5/24/2019

    PTA Special meeting

    Call to order at 8:37 am

    Board Members in attendance: Marquex Faulkner, President, Tressa Ortiz, VP, Laurie White, VP, Stacey Schoeffler, Secretary, Stacy Dillenberg, Vol.Coordinator.

    Administrators in attendance: Mr. Davis

    Special Guests: Kirsten Shabanowitz, Director of Hunt District PTA and Jenna Alexander, VA PTA VP of Advocacy

    Number of PTA members in attendance: 17

    Pledge of allegiance

    Abbreviated Treasurer report (see attached), given by Marquex Faulkner in Lizzie Huff’s absence

    • Teachers need to hand in receipts by June 1, 2019
    • All reimbursement requests need to be in my May 31, 2019

    Kirsten Shabanowitz, Director of Hunt District PTA & Jenna Alexander, VA PTA VP of Advocacy, were given the floor for one hour to explain benefits of staying with the PTA and answer questions from the membership.

    Question: How do we fit into Loudoun County?

    Answer: There are currently 52 PTAs in Loudoun County. There are more PTAs than PTOs.


    Question: What is the biggest difference between the PTA and a PTO?

    Answer: The biggest difference is the support you have. You have help with volunteer and organization issues. There are also grants available.  RHES won a “Get off your apps” PTA grant this year. Also, representation and advocacy at the county and state level.

    Question: What are the trainings and how do they work?

    Answer: Throughout the year the Hunt District hosts 3 round tables for members to come to. There is also training at the state level during the summer that is open to volunteers.

    Question: Has Round Hill ever asked for your support?

    Answer: Not in the last 2 years.

    Question: Does the training come at a cost?

    Answer: No, training is wrapped into dues except summer training. As of now, dues are state $1.25, $1.50 national. The PTA is volunteer based straight up to the national level. Districts also get a portion of the state dues. In the Hunt District, all title 1 school PTA presidents get their fees covered by PTA so they can go to summer training.


    Question: Say we vote to do the PTO after a few years, a new president comes in and they want to become a PTA again. Is that possible?

    Answer: You can, you just have to go through the process again.  Setting up a non-profit correctly can be difficult.

    Question: What are dues?

    Answer: They are $3.75

    Floor handed back over to Marquex Faulkner.

    This is not just about dues. If we become a PTO, we can decide and everyone is a member. We do not foresee any challenges with setting up the non-profit.  . As you know the Houses kicked off this year, and the focus school-wide has been building community within the Round Hill community as a whole For us, it highlighted that community and how important it is to connect within it. In terms of advocacy, as parents we are allowed to go to committee meetings if we choose. We have very active parents. In fact, one of own parents, Omari Faulkner, is on the AdHoc Equity Board that was mentioned.  As for resources, PTO Today has training and other resources available to PTAs and PTOs alike.  In fact, though a partnership they have, we were able to provide sample Post Its to our teachers during Staff Appreciation Week. We are also lucky to have a great working relationship with our administration and teachers. This decision to transition to a PTO is not in spite of the PTA, but the way we see it, it is in the best interests for Round Hill as a whole.

    Question to MF: Does the PTA have any influence in what is taught?

    Answer Mr. Davis: No, not in terms of curriculum content. Jenna mentions there is advocacy as provided by PTA at the state and local level, providing the example of the PTA having recently met with Dr. Ellis {Assistant Superintendent for Instruction of LCPS) recently about grading and assessment.

    Question: Have there been any issues with a school not operating accordingly as a nonprofit?

    Answer JA: Only a few who had problems establishing their non-profit status.  Ms. Alexander provided examples.

    At this time, Marquex Faulkner indicate the question and answer period had ended and we would proceed with the meeting.  She then made the following motion:

    Be it Resolved that IF, the resolution to dissolve the PTA passes, then the PTA members hereby:

    1. Approve the creation of and transition to the Round Hill Elementary School PTO, effective immediately;
    2. Approve of the filings and fees associated with the application for the tax-exempt status and the establishment of the PTO;
    3. Approve the members of the PTA automatically become members of the PTO and the Executive Board of the PTA automatically become executive Board of the PTO;
    4. And approve the use of funds to pay needed debts, anticipated expenses, and the remaining funds be gifted to the Round Hill Elementary School and the Round Hill Elementary PTO, if a 501(c)(3) nonprofit pending approval.


    This motion was seconded by PTA members, Satira Davis and Kathy Yingling.


    The members present voted in favor of the Resolution, by voice vote.

    The members then proceeded to a closed ballot vote on the issue of Dissolution.  The question on the closed ballot was: I vote to dissolve our current association with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and support the formation of the Round Hill Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

    Mr. Davis reported that tomorrow is Mrs. O’Hara’s last day. They have interviews being set up for the beginning of June for a new Vice Principal. Also, parents will be learning of their students’ teacher assignments this year via ParentVue.

    Regina Brzozowsky, reported the election slate to be voted on at the June 3rd meeting. Stacey Schoeffler is slated for VP of Events and Katie Lucas is slated for Secretary.  There is also the ability to write in another candidate should you want to on the day of elections.

    Results from Closed Ballot Vote, having been counted by Secretary, Stacey Schoeffler and overseen by Kirsten Shabanowitz, were reported. There were 22 members in attendance. 20 voted “Yes” and “2” voted no.

    Next meeting is 2pm on June 3.

    Meeting was closed at 10:05.

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  • April 6, 2019 Executive Board Meeting

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 4/14/2019

    Executive Board Meeting Report

    April 6, 2019



    Meeting Start Time: 11 am

    Attendance: Marquex Faulkner, Tressa Ortiz, Stacey Schoeffler, Lizzie Huff, Laurie White, and Stacy Dillenburg.


    Meeting Notes:


    All Executive Board members were present for the meeting.  Discussed at the meeting were upcoming events: Movie Night, Silent Auction, Staff Appreciation, and current finances and outstanding expenses.   


    At meeting, discussion was had and motion was made regarding dissolution of PTA.  Board voted unanimously to approve the resolution and present the issue of dissolution for vote by general membership.



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  • March 15, 2019

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 3/15/2019

    RHES PTA General Meeting Minutes

    March 15, 2019

    Meeting began at 1:31 pm

    Executive Board Members joining in by phone: Marquex Faulkner, Lizzie Huff & Laurie White

    Executive Board Members in attendance: Tressa Ortiz, Stacey Schoeffler & Stacy Dillenberg, joined by Mr. Davis, Mrs. O’Hara, Mrs. Parker and 3 parents.

    General Update given by Mr. Davis in Marquex Faulkner’s absence.

    • New playground is installed, has been inspected and approved by the county and is being used by the students! The ADA Pathway will be installed in the next 2-3 weeks as we receive the custom pavers (which have been shipped by the manufacturer!). The Playground builder will be meeting with Mr. Davis to discuss possibly moving playground pieces further apart to allow for more space for students to run and play safely.
    • The PTA has bought 4 large pavers with every teacher’s name on them to include in the pathway

    Treasurer’s Report given by Stacey Schoeffler in Lizzie Huff’s absence (see Treasurer Report)

    • We need a new auditor or 3 new people willing to audit our books for this fiscal year. More info to come.

    Events Update given by Tressa Ortiz

    • Movie Night
      • Event will be bigger this year and rain or shine. There will be 2 movies shown. Poll given during meeting and on social media. There will be face painting, a cake walk, some games and a silent auction
      • We need silent auction items! As you are brainstorming silent auction possibilities, please remember we are a tax exempt organization and any donation can be tax deductible.
      • Need many volunteers
      • Teachers will sell concessions
    • Staff Appreciation
      • This committee is in need of new members
      • Planning meeting will be held 3/21 at 10 am
      • Staff Appreciation week is May 6-May 10.

    Fundraising Update reported for Laurie White by Stacey Schoeffler

    • Box Tops earned the school $300 this month (down from last year)
    • Coca-Cola Gives Codes due 3/27. Winner to bring in most codes will win something for Movie Night
    • Spirit Nights/Events
      • Chalk & Sip with Mrs. Rinehart 3/22. Deadline to order project is Tuesday 3/19. Rinehart is donating 20% of sales from orders to the PTA.
      • Velocity Wings 3/28 from 5-8 pm
      • Mod Pizza (all day) and Sweet Frog (3-8pm) 4/4
      • Chick Fil A Battle of the Schools vs. Lovettsville Elementary School is the week of 4/22-4/26.

    Elections Update

    • Positions will be available for next year including VP of events. We need a Chairperson to take over determining which seats are available and developing a slate. Roles will be discussed at the May 6th General Meeting


    Admin Report

    • Mr. Davis explained “Life Lessons” we see on Bear Bytes and students are learning at school
      • How to be good people, and good citizens
      • He is very open to new life lesson ideas! Let him know!
    • Mrs. O’Hara explained more about the House System
      • Developed from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA after the old “Bear Paws” PBIS program got old and the staff wanted something new.
      • After last year’s student survey it was determined that where RHES was lacking was in the students’ sense of community and connections within the school.
      • Teachers and students were assigned to different houses at random. They will remain in those houses for the duration of their time at RHES.
      • By utilizing an app that all the teachers and staff have on their smart phones, they can award points to the houses for positive actions they see students take. One example given was 3 kindergartners came in from recess when they were asked the first time and sat down in their line as instructed. Mr. Davis observed this and wanted to reinforce the behavior so he asked those students which houses they were in and awarded those houses points.
      • The house with the most points at the end of the week gets to come to the front of the school and to the House Dance! Check out the school webpage to see this week’s winning house!
      • Thursdays are House days and students are encouraged to wear House Colors. Houses get points for each student wearing their colors! Note, it does not have to be the T-Shirt that was just sold. Intention and effort is recognized so have fun!!
      • Points are called “Dojo Points”
    • Per Mr. Davis, there will be a “Tech Refresh” this summer. All the computers, and devices will be replaced. Students in 3rd-5th grade will receive their own Windows 10 device (this is different from other schools who’s 3rd-5th graders have ChromeBooks because we are a Code to the Future School). Students in K-2nd grades will have new ChromeBooks in their classrooms. It will be 2 students to one chromebook.

    Teacher Report

    • Given by Mrs. Parker
      • Teachers are putting together silent auction items for Movie Night
      • She will get a list of volunteers for concessions on Movie Night

    Next PTA General Meeting May 6, 2019 @ 1:30 in the teacher’s lounge

    Meeting closed at 2:08 pm

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  • June 4th 2018

    Posted by LARISSA SCHLOSSER on 6/6/2018

    June 4th, 2018 PTA General Meeting Minutes Emily Dickson, Marquex Faulkner, Larissa Schlosser, Tressa Ortiz, and Becky Nielsen were present, along with Mr. Davis and Mrs. O’hara. Mrs. Jewell and Mrs. Joseph were in attendance and 10 parents. 

    • President – Emily Dickson -
      1. School Supplies – Order your school supplies online and they’ll come to school and be on your child’s desk in August! This is not a fundraiser. Just a service for your convenience, if you want to use it. www.shopttkits.com with code 13911
    • Principal Report - June 4th was a day to celebrate all the wonderful volunteers at RHES. Mr. Davis thanked everyone by sending out an adorable video that the kids put together to thank all the parent volunteers. The school is extra amazing because of the parent help. Mr. Davis provided a light breakfast for volunteers the morning of Field Day. He thanked the board for all their hardwork the last two years, especially our President…Emily Dickson. He has big plans for the 5th grade promotion ceremony this year. A very student-led, personal ceremony this year.
    • The Green Team has some new ideas for next year and presented them to the Board. This Summer, the new Board will meet and start planning all the exciting new things for 2018-2019.
    • Treasurer Report – Jaime Phillips – The playground costs about $47k and we’re close to our goal and on target for next year. All reimbursements are due to Jaime by THIS FRIDAY!
    • Vice President of Events – Tressa Ortiz – No events until next school year! 
    • Vice President of Fundraising – Marquex Faulkner
      1. Spirit Nights – Thank you for supporting all our Spirit Nights! We’ve loved introducing some new ones this year and it’s been wonderful supporting the new local businesses! ***Monday – Chiptole 4-8pm ***Last one – Gruto’s on the last day of school!
      2. Rewards – Kristine Banks -Please keep collecting box tops and Coke rewards all Summer long! Be ready for the Fall contests! Your child probably brought home the state map so they can try to collect box tops from friends and family from other states. Color the states you receive box tops from this Summer and get entered in a contest this Fall!
    • Vote on new board for 2018-2019 The new Board members are:VP of Events – Tressa OrtizSecretary – Stacey Schoeffler
    • Volunteer Coordinator – Stacey Dillenburg
    • VP of Fundraising – Laurie White
    • President – Marquex Faulkner
    • Tresurer - Lizzie Huff
    • Teacher Report – The teachers truly feel spoiled by all the amazing parents at RHES and all the wonderful treats, gifts, lunches etc that they received this year. They feel very appreciative and feel like royalty being treated so well. The PTA provided them with a catered lunch from Justin Garrison during Field Day.


    Have a wonderful and safe Summer!  


    Chiptole spirit night

    Monday, June 4th 4-8pm

    Field Day

    Tuesday June 5th

    5th grade party at Dragon Yong-in

    Friday June 8th  10am to 1pm (set-up at 9am and clean-up at 1pm)

    5th grade promotion ceremony

    Monday June 11th 6:30pm

    Last Day of School & Gruto’s

    Wednesday, June 13th

    First Day back to school

    Thursday, Aug 23rd

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