• dreambox learning
    Dreambox Learning is a program that provides individualized Math reinforcement.  Students have used Dreambox Learning in the classroom on both laptops and iPads.  Dreambox looks at more than just right or wrong answers as a student responds during lessons.  Dreambox looks for what skills the student is struggling with and provides lessons to strengthen those skills. 


    Some things to remember when your child is working on Dreambox at home:

    - Sessions should be a minimum of 20 minutes and 5 times per week.
    - Have your child complete a lesson before closing Dreambox.
    - Your child should focus on green practice lessons at home.
    - Mistakes are OK.  Please help your child by restating or explaining directions but do not give him or her the answers.  This will cause your child to move ahead in Dreambox before he or she is truly ready.  

     How to access Dreambox Learning:

    Click here to go to Liberty's Dreambox Learning page. Your child will know what to do from there! 
    If you are using the Dreambox Learning App the school code is:  kwah/libertye