• Course Materials List:

    1. County supplied Chromebook and charger
    2. Recommended: Review Book

    Classroom Guidelines:

    Be respectful

    No matter what is happening, everyone is to treat each other with respect.  This cannot happen if we are insulting each other, placing blame, and are generally disrespectful of each other’s opinions and ideas.

    Take Initiative

    Please take the initiative to speak up when you are confused or when the class is not meeting your needs.  I encourage you to speak your mind and know that I will listen to your ideas no matter how much I disagree.  We will then work toward a compromise.

    Be a Critical Thinker

    Science, by its very nature, is a curiosity driven subject.  You cannot sit passively in class and just expect to get it.  You need to analyze problems and develop creative solutions.  Thinking outside of the box will lead to enhanced learning.

    Dare to Fail

    Robert Kennedy said, “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”  Failure happens and it’s how we react to it that makes us who we are.  We learn more through failure than success. Set audacious goals for yourself and don’t be afraid of what happens if you don’t reach them.  In that way you have a better chance of reaching your full potential.

Last Modified on August 21, 2020