• Below is the link that your child can utilize at home to access the program DREAMBOX.
    1.    USERNAME: is your child's lunch #
    2.    Password: is your child's birthday
                                          (example: April 7th birthday would be 0407) 
    Try to focus on the GREEN labeled selections in the Dream Box program at home.  These selections are designed for practicing math skills. The yellow labeled sections will be completed at school, but can be completed at home if there are not green sections.    
    IMPORTANT:   All work must be completed by the students at home.  No parent support should be given. This program is designed around the needs and knowledge of your child's math skills.  Aiding your child could ultimately change some outcomes with the advancement of problems being provided.  Students need to work by themselves to solve all necessary problems. They can use pencil and paper to solve their math problems.   
Last Modified on August 14, 2018