• Trailside Middle School Needs Network Program 
    The Trailside Middle School Parent Liaison, in conjunction with our School Counseling Department, is proud to offer our 2020-2021 TMS Needs Network Program.
    Throughout the year, some of our students may need items such as school supplies, coats, shoes, etc. Families may also need scholarships for yearbooks, field trips, photos, after school clubs, and extra curricular activities. Families may also experience unforeseen life changing events and will also need our assistance. For some families, these expenses can be a heavy burden. Within a large group of TMS Needs Network Volunteers, contributions on an as needed basis can make a significant difference.
    Please consider participating in the TMS Needs Network Program by clicking on the link below and submitting your contact information. All volunteers will remain anonymous.  
    You can help make learning a much easier and rewarding experience for our students who need it most. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lisa Figueroa, Trailside Middle School Parent Liaison, at 571-252-2280 or Lisa.Figueroa@lcps.org