• Michael Luu
    Michael is a graduate of the ISAEP program. In a recent email to his former teacher, Ms. Sage, Michael said, "I worked for Microsoft for 3 years and went on to work for another company called Comtech. I did network security for the General Services Administration for about two years. Then I Found out that I really wanted to study physics. So I quit my job making $70,000.00 per year and sent to school full time.  I am currently a student at George Mason University, finishing up my sophomore year.  At the moment I am employed as a teaching assistant for the physics department. I really like teaching and will definitely be doing it in the future.  In addition to my work and schooling I volunteer at the Arcola Fire Department and am currently in the GMU Army ROTC program.  I plan on commissioning to active duty by 2014 and serving for awhile."