• Jocelyn Robinson
    Jocelyn graduated from Douglass School in 2008, after starting at the school in tenth grade. "Douglass gave me the option to complete high school, when in all honesty, I would've dropped out. (Boy am I glad I didn't). Since graduating I have been working at a doctor's office with five locations. I started as a receptionist, then ran my own office (myself, a nurse, and a doctor), and most recently got promoted to posting charges. (I make sure they're billing for the right stuff.) I have recently started a two-year program through Lord Fairfax Community College and after that will transfer to a university. My long term goal is to major in Elementary Education...pretty funny, I couldn't wait to get out of school and now I want to be there all the time! I truly want to thank all of my teachers as well as Dr. Robinson for being so influential in my life..to this day I still talk about the experience and teachers I had at Douglass."