• Theme 5: Essen und Getränke (topics covered in this unit should be reviewed on an ongoing basis)

    (8 Weeks + one week assessment)

    Food and Drink


    Theme 5 Essential Questions

    • Was isst du gern?
    • What do you like to eat?
    • Was möchtest du essen? What would you like to eat?

    Wie isst deine Familie zu Hause?

    • How does your family eat at home?
    • Wo kauft man…?
    • Where does one buy…?

    Theme 4a: Lebensmittel/Groceries

    • Vocabulary related to foods
    • Using indefinite article
    • Request food in a variety of ways
    • Express abilities and desires using modal auxiliary verbs
    • Discuss shopping for food/drinks and different cultural aspects in German speaking countries

    Theme 4b: Im Restaurant

    • Understand cultural differences related to eating out
    • Ordering food at a restaurant
    • Compare and contrast stem vowel change verbs


    Presentational Speaking and Writing CPAs

    End-of-Year Benchmark Assessment