• Theme 3: in der Stadt (4-5 weeks)

    Compare and contrast modes of transportation in America and Germany

    •Ask/give directions

    •Use the formal command in German

    •Discuss places to eat and visit

    •Compare and contrast kennen and wissen

    •Negate indefinite articles with kein

    •Review the dass clause (subordinating conjunctions) 


    Theme 4: Interessen (4-5 weeks)

    •Compare and contrast kennen and wissen

    •Express likes/dislikes/favorites

    •Use the verb mögen

    •Express preferences

    •Use stem-vowel changing verbs

    •Discuss movies, music and books in the target language

    •Use adjectives to describe movies, music and books

    •Past tense introduction and use of sehen, hören, sprechen, lesen