• Donna Lineburg, Parent Liaison

    E-mail:  Ms. Lineburg
    Hours:Mondays -10 AM to 2 PM,
    Wednesdays -1 PM to 4 PM 
    Fridays -11 AM to 3 PM
    Donna grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York.  One of her best memories of childhood was daily cow riding.  But she had to give up the cows when she went to college, graduating with a Bachelors in Health and Physical Education.  A year after graduation she married and that began the nomadic phase of her life.  The first 12 years of marriage she moved 13 times.   She held various position along the way: teacher, social worker, real estate broker, Home Health Agency Director, health insurance analyst.  At some locations she knew her stay would be short, so she took a graduate course or two.  Before she knew it, she had an MBA.


    In 1985 Donna drove across the country and arrived in northern Virginia just a little pregnant.  Thus began the "settled" phase of life.  Donna has a son that is now in college and a daughter in middle school.  Donna lives in a house with some land around it.  She hoped to get some cows, but all she has is three cats. 


    Donna finds being a Parent Liaison a personally satisfying position.  But she still keeps her finger in physical education, of sorts, by teaching gymnastics through Loudoun County Parks and Recreation.   She satisfies the desire to move around by climbing in her truck camper every summer and driving into the sunset.


Last Modified on May 28, 2004