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    Posted by Karen Espinoza on 9/19/2014 10:00:00 AM
                                                           golden dragon  
    Have a book review you want to submit?  It's easy!  Post your review in the comments below (requires approval). The information we would like to know:
    Title & Author
    Your First name and Last initial only
    Grade level
    Genre (Mystery, Fiction, Historical fiction, Adventure, Biography, etc.)
    Short Summary (without giving away the ending) - What made it a great read?  Describe your favorite character and their traits.  Did it make you laugh, cry, wonder?  Tell about your favorite part or make a connection.
    Recommendation - Who would you recommend this book to and why (e.g., If you like..., you will love this book or I recommend this book to anyone who likes...)
    Rating - Use the asterisk symbol to give the book a dragon rating from 1 star (terrible) to 5 stars (terrific). 
                   ***** Full of dragon bites
                   ****   Sufficiently satisfied
                   ***     Comfortable and content                                 
                   **       Got the munchies
                   *         Ravenously hungry
                                                                 free dragon
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