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    PTA Accounting Forms
    PTA Funds Transmittal Form - PTA officers and volunteers use this form when they want to submit money to the Treasurer for a deposit. The Treasurer uses this form when she gives PTA officers or volunteers cash.
    Reimbursement Form - This form is to request payment for an invoice, for reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses, or for requesting funds before use. This form allows for a speedier response to requests as the two signatures on the form allows for only one on the checks.
    Cash Box Request Form - This form is to request a cash box for a PTA event. 
    Cash Box Reconciliation Form - This form is to keep in the cash box to count funds after an event.
    PTA Funding Request Form - This form is for teachers to request funds from the PTA. 
Last Modified on April 13, 2020