• WELCOME to the unofficial site of the new Northwest Virginia Regional G.R.E.E.Network.  It stands for GReat Environmental Educators Network. This regional Network now encompasses the counties of Loudoun, Clarke, Warren, Frederick and Winchester City Schools. The regional Network was begun in the winter of 2017.
    Begun about 2010, it was discovered there were other teachers who were running an environmental club at their school.
    But very few of us knew of each other.  Mr. Pankau began the task of locating schools with a sustainable club, be it recycling, gardening, and anything else related.
    The first year a handful of teachers met monthly to begin discussions on how to best proceed.  Phases of communication were
    developed.  Phase 1, identify all LCPS green clubs.  Phase 2, develop a communication link (from monthly meetings to emails).
    Phase 3,  Outreach to other Loudoun County related organizations and companies, even the central offices for Science and
    Energy.  Phase 4, Outreach to other counties, like the Fairfax NoVA Outside group.  Phase 5, eventually connect more and more
    counties into a northern region, with the eventual plan for a Summit, or Round Table Discussion, or even a Share Fair.
    Why did we start the GREENetwork?  We are a group of dedicated teachers, from all parts of the curriculum as our main job,
    but who have a passion for all things green - sustainable - and who want to pass on information and education to our elementary,
    middle and high school students.  Presently we have over 70 known Loudoun County schools that are part of the GREENetwork.
    In the Spring of 2018 we held our inaugural GREENetworkShop at Morven Park.  Two presenters kicked off the morning, followed by four round table discussions.  Lots of books and other free materials were distributed.  Next up, exploring the possibility of a School Environmental Action Showcase, to display individual school club initiatives.
    Mr. Pankau sends the GREENetwork related information whenever it comes to him.  If you are a teacher who is not part of the
    GREENetwork, or you work for a business or organization that wants to become part of our group, please email at
    mpankau@lcps.org .
    Now please take the time to explore the other Green Beans Club sites here on the Guilford web page.