• Welcome Fine Arts Parents and Students.

    Our small organization has been able to make a significant contribution to the Fine Arts Department through your willingness to support and volunteer.  

    Some of what we were able to do includes providing concessions for the Spring and Fall Craft Shows, Fall, Winter and Spring theater performances and provide support and meals for Choral events hosted at the school.  We look forward to finding new ways to support our departments.

    Our big event in the past has been a trip to New York City.  It was a fun filled day of exploring many of the cultural venues the city has to offer.  We had the opportunity to choose from seeing Phantom of the Opera or Wicked.  Both were outstanding productions!  We explored many of the small galleries in the Chelsea area, many of these included interactive and mixed media displays.  The City itself is an experience not to be missed.  The energy and vibe walking through Times Square was invigorating and contagious.

    This year we are committed to do even more to support our school and our students.  A few of the opportunities are below.

                Craft Show Concessions                      Theater Performance Concession

                Advertising Fine Arts Events               Department Parent Liaisons

                Senior Scholarships                             And many more things still in the works.

    Email any questions to PVHSFAB@gmail.com  

    Individual memberships are $5.00.  

    Thank you so much for your time.