• Holiday Giving Tree

    Visit our tree at Horizon to choose an ornament or choose an item below. Purchase a holiday gift for a person in need in our Horizon community this holiday season. Please label the gift and bring it to school and place it under the tree.  You can also send gifts in to Amy Sandridge, Parent Liaison.

     Gift items needed:

    •  Target gift cards

    •  Walmart gift cards

    •  Grocery gift cards

    •  Gas gift cards

    •  Gift Bags

    Other ways to give:

    If you would prefer to shop for winter clothing, a coat or shoes for a person in need instead of a gift card, we can provide you with size information. If you would like to join together with your neighbors, friends or other group and purchase items for a family instead of an individual, we can provide the ornaments for the whole family. If you can’t make it into school but would like to select a gift from the tree, we can send the the information home to you. 



    For these options, please call the office at 571-434-3260 or send an e-mail to Amy.Sandridge@lcps.org.

    Thank you for your generosity!


Last Modified on August 29, 2019