• Reading Information
    Your child will begin reading on the first day of first grade! We will work on gaining lots of reading strategies throughout our year!  We will learn to decode tricky words,  work on our fluency and sight word recognition,  as well as work on comprehending both fiction and nonfiction!
    Please keep in mind that we believe in teaching children a variety of reading strategies to help them decode words.  This year we will implement the Reader's Workshop approach into our Language Arts block. While we do teach phonetic awareness and letter sound strategies, "sounding out" each sound in a word is rarely the best way to read a word. Some alternative strategies include:
    -using the pictures
    -using story meaning (think about the story)
    -look for little words or parts
    -think about what would make sense
    If you have any questions about how to help your child with reading, please let me know.   I know that, together,  we can help your child to grow as a reader this year in first grade!  My goal is to help your child foster a love for reading while becoming a confident and independent reader! 
Last Modified on June 7, 2017