6th Grade Science Retake Policy

    The 6th grade science team evaluates this policy every year, and the goal of this policy is focused on student learningnot grades


    • If a student receives a 70% or lower on a test and has completed the study guide by due date, (if applicable), the student is eligible to retake the test.
    • The student must complete a Request to Retest Reflection sheet, and it must be signed by the student and parent.
    • A retest learning packet must be completed before the required re-teaching session.
    • The student must attend a re-teaching session provided by one of the 6th grade science teachers.
    • The retest (different test than the original test) must be taken within 3 weeks of the original test.
    • The retest score will be capped at 80%.


    There is no retesting on quizzes since material on quizzes will be reassessed on unit tests.