• Retake/Make-up Policy of the 
    PFHS Guitar Program 
    **Any PFHS guitar student can retake or make-up a snap-shot or performance evaluation at any point in a grading period, up to the final week of that grading period, if the following criteria are met....**
    *Students must come to Mr. Wells and request a make-up date and time which must be mutually agreed upon by both parties.  These will occur before or after-school or during CORE, depending on the schedule.  As our performance evaluations require Mr. Wells in person to attend to it, a student can't simply report to a retake room for a make-up evaluation.
    *Students who fail to show up for a mutually agreed upon retake/make-up session, will only be granted one additional opportunity for a retake or make-up.  It is the student's responsibility to stay on top of their commitments, not Mr. Wells' to track students down. 
    *Students may submit a video recording of them performing the required materials in place of a physical performance evaluation, pending the approval of Mr. Wells, but that video recording is still due before the final week of the grading period.
    **Concert Make-up**
    **For alternative assessments/make-ups for missed required performances, as stated in each ensemble's syllabus,  a scheduled, jury performance is required.  The jury will be comprised of the music faculty of PFHS and will be held on the grading/planning day at the end of the grading period.  Students will be required to co-ordinate and approve their jury performance materials with Mr. Wells at least two weeks prior to the jury date.  Students will be required to wear  performance attire to the jury performance assessment.  Feel free to email Mr. Wells with additional questions.**
Last Modified on August 22, 2018