• Senior Scholarship Application Information

    2019-2020 Senior Scholarship Application

    The PTSO is offering senior scholarships to eligible applicants. We encourage all students who meet the criteria to apply. Application criteria and requirements are outlined below. This award acknowledges student academic achievement, school/community involvement, character, and integrity. Your completed application and essay represent your best efforts in the application process. Please plan accordingly, pay attention to detail and be advised of the March 20th deadline.  


    Award Details:

    The Number and amount of scholarships awarded will be determined by the submissions received not to exceed $3,500. Eligible PFHS Seniors who plan to continue their education at institutions of higher learning, i.e. universities, colleges, trade and vocational schools are encouraged to apply. All scholarships will be paid by the PTSO directly to the student.


    Award Eligibility:

    *PFHS student with a 3.0 GPA minimum (verified by parent signature and through the counseling department)

    *Must be a PTSO student member or whose family is a PTSO Family Member.

    *Must submit the School and Community Involvement sheet and Completed Essay.

    *Must complete the Student Certification with Parent/Guardian verification that the student does not engage in alcohol/drug use, and that the student has not had any high school in-school restrictions, suspensions, a criminal record or done anything deemed an infraction to the PFHS Honor Code.


    Application Requirements:

    *Completed forms should be submitted in an envelope with your name and PTSO Scholarship written on the front to the PFHS Career Center, no later than 4:00 PM on March 20, 2020.

    *All areas on the original application form must be completed.

    *Application must be typed.  No hand written applications will be accepted.


    Judging Criteria:

    Neatness and following directions will be taken into consideration in all scoring. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  All applicants will be reviewed in a blind process with any names/identifying information removed from the application pages.  A tracking number will be assigned to each application. A committee of judges, consisting of community members, will independently score each application using the following categories: 

    *  School Activities Participation and Awards  (including time commitment) (40%)

    *  Community/Volunteerism/Other Activities and Awards (including time commitment) (30%)

    *  Essay (30%)

     Judges’ scores for each applicant will be weighted, totaled then averaged to determine each applicant’s final score and placement.

    Confirmation of receipt of applications will be sent to parents & applicants via email. Award recipients will be announced at the PFHS Award Ceremony.


    Judy Schmid (schmidj@comcast.net)

    PTSO Senior Scholarship Chair 

    2019 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards


     2018 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards

    Drew Weidman
    Julia MacGoy
    Stephanie Son
    Isha Lui
    Hunter Lawall
    Shea Brady
    Charlie Groscup
    Kyle Hartmann




     2017 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards

    Christian Tessman

    Samantha Son

    Katrina Schmid

    Mackenzie Dorsey

    Jacob Benish

    Alexander Nemer

    Jack Taylor

     2016 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards

    Devin MacGoy

    Aubrey Olsen

    Megan Wiedman

    Ryan Wells

    Patrick Hartmann

    Stephanie Mutter

    Ashley Rice<

    2015 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards

    William Lin

    $ 500 Scholarship Recipients

    Caroline Dorsey

    Emily Holz

    Esther James

    Neha Onteeru

    Emily Schmid

    Sydney Sherman

    Sabrina VanGorder


    2014 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards 

    $1000 Scholarship Recipient

    Michael Havert

    $ 500 Scholarship Recipients

    Hannah James

    William Koepsell

    Tracy Reynolds

    Taylor Tattersall

    Jonathan Walker

    Theresa Gibney

    Alyssa Eversmeyer

    Scott Waters


     2013 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards 

    $1000 Scholarship Recipient
    Arianna Staffen
    $ 500 Scholarship Recipients
     Eileen Fauteux
    Maria Gibney
    Patricia Mook
    Kavita Sthanumurthy
    Kelsey Spencer
    Olivia Van Gorder
    Abbey Tsao

    2012 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards
      Kathryn Printz 
     $ 500 Scholarship Recipients
    Connor Adams 
    Zawad Chowdhurdy
    Nicole Crew
    Kristin Ritchey
    Jennifer Schmid
    Joseph R. Tulluch
    Elizabeth Wieland

    2011 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards
    Jessica Gil - $1000
    Joseph Caccia - $500
    Jessica Eversmeyer - $500
    Diana Gretzkowski - $500
    Michael Marzzacco - $500
    Benjamin Sweger - $500
    Brenna Ortt - $500
    Tyler Walker - $500

             2010 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards
    Rachael Diniega - $1,000.00
    Evan Trippler - $500.00
    Lucy Krips - $500.00
    Michael Butler - $500.00
    Jennifer Richards - $500.00
    Chelsea Lasik - $500.00
    Shawn Swaney - $500.00
    Paige Waltz - $500.00

    2009 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards
    Ann Paulette Reck - $1,000.00
    Abby Lantzy - $500.00
    Mary Lacy Grecco - $500.00
    Briana Stiles - $500.00
    Denise Cordary - $500.00
    Kelsey Edens - $500.00
    Suzanne Rodgers - $500.00
    Heather Ellis - $500.00

    2008 PTSO Senior Scholarship Awards
    $1000.00  John Marin
    $500.00    Alia Wagenhoffer

    $500.00     Mary Reck

    $500.00     Ryan Ulsh

    $500.00     Christina Tulloch

    $500.00     Brooke Chrisman

    $500.00     Maddy Dannenberg