• Homework and News!
    September 23-27, 2019
    Welcome to our Homework page!  Please check this page weekly for homework assignments and timely news!
    Beach Day in the Sun is on Monday!  Bring sunglasses, a hat and a beach towel!  Sunscreen should be applied at home before school.
    Wednesday is Library Day!  Please make sure to return library books on Wednesday!
    Please continue to work on sight words.
    Please write your child's name on all containers and water bottles.  
    Dreambox,  RazKids, SeeSaw, and Teach Your Monster to Read are active.  I will update here once I get Reflex Math ready.  IXL is unavailable to first graders until further notice. 
    RazKids ("Kids A-Z" through LCPS GO) can be used for reading homework.  Password cards have been taped inside the green folder for reference.
    Teach Your Monster to Read is accessible through this link http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/u/2023561 and the password cards have been taped inside the green folder for reference (user name is student's first name and password is their normal password).
    For school-wide events, please make sure to read the emails sent from the PTA and our Principal!  Fall Festival, picture day, and the Dragon Dash are all coming up soon!

    Monday:  Read in the Sun Day!

    Reading:  Read for 10 minutes and write the title(s) in your reading log. 
    Social Studies:  Visit the Post Office.  Take note of what they wear, how they help people, and what tools they use!  Take a look at the choices for stamps that are available!  If you cannot visit the Post Office, go to the USPS website and check out the stamps online!


    Reading:  Read for 15 minutes and write the title(s) in your reading log. 
    Responsibility:  Put your Library books in your backpack!
    Sight Words:  Do a practice activity with first quarter sight words.  To find this list, look in the back to school night email attachment, or click on the Sight Words link to the left.  You can do any activity, so you can try one from this list:??Word Study Bingo  
    Wednesday  Library Day

    Reading:  Read for 10 minutes and write the title(s) in your reading log. 

    Math:  Do Dreambox for up to 20 minutes.  


    Thursday  Community Day (You may dress like a Post Office worker!)

    Responsibility:  Choose a nice outfit for picture day tomorrow.  If you choose to purchase pictures, please order online or send in the picture money and order form!

    Reading:  Read for 15 minutes and write the title(s) in your reading log. 

    Word Study:  Do a practice activity with first quarter sight words.  Please look in the black Thursday folder for your child's pretest and choose words that your child still needs to learn.  You can do any activity, so you can try one from this list:?50 Playful Sight Word Games
    Friday PICTURE DAY!!!!

    No Homework



    Word Study & New Homework Routine
    Word Study Starts in October.  Our spelling program is called Word Study.  On regular 5-day weeks, every Monday, look in the green folder and pull out the word list.  Save this paper for Tuesday and Thursday's homework.  Every Tuesday, students may do a simple word sort, or they may pick an activity that would be fun to do with their words (see below).  Every Thursday, students will need to do a pretest with a parent to make sure they are ready for the spelling test on Friday. Thank you for your support with this new homework procedure! 
    Book Clubs Orders!
    We will be participating with Scholastic Book Clubs and Usborne Books & More this year.  Both companies have great book selection and are valuable assets to allowing your child choose their own books and learn to love to read!  Giving your child a choice in getting new books is the number one motivator for reading!  Scholastic will have a due date each month and I will be submitting the orders after the 10th of the month.  Usborne will ship directly to you and will also earn us free books for our classroom!
    Scholastic link:  scholastic.com/readingclub   Class Activation Code:  H98FT

    Teach your monster to read is available to students now!  This is a great website that supports phonics knowledge and reading skills!  I will be creating logons for each student.  Their logon name is their first name.  Their password is the same as used for logging in.   Use this free link on a computer:  http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/u/2023561    If you choose to download the app instead, ($4.99 I believe?), use this star code: 2023561  and the same username and password!
    Even though we are starting up the Word Study program, please make sure to continue to practice sight words. Flashcards are available here to print:  (coming soon).  Students should practice whatever words they do not yet know starting with the first quarter, but moving on if they are ready!  Try these:  50 Playful Sight Word Games
    Please write your child's name on all containers and water bottles.  Reminders:  Snack must be nut and peanut free!  If your child wears a black or gray jacket, please understand that so does everyone else.  No one knows whose jacket is whose, so remember to label!!


    NEW Directions to use our homework sites from a mobile device:

    Dreambox on mobile devices...We can no longer use LCPSGO on tablets and smartphoness anymore... so use this app instead!

    1. Parents need to download the "DreamBox Learning Math" app from their device app store. Dreambox Learning Math
    2. Then they login by clicking school School
    3. Then they will be asked to enter the school code, which is kwah/arcolae
    4. Then they can login with the student id # and password. 
      If you need to use LCPSGO on an iPad...
      You have to download the Classlink application instead of LCPSGO. LCPSGO stopped being supported at the end of last year and all people using LCPSGO on mobile devices should download the "Classlink" App instead .
      Then when you open it for the first time, search for "loudoun county" and select it. Then you will see the login that looks just like LCPSGO. 

     Log-on Instructions

    Dreambox:   https://launchpad.classlink.com/loudoun      (Monday Math Homework)

    1.  Students will now log on to Dreambox through the LCPS GO site.  Follow the link above.

    2.  Click on Dreambox.  Click "Continue to Website".

    2. USERNAME:  It is your child's lunch #(student ID number).  There is a label inside the green FISH folder with this number.  If it looks like you are supposed to enter an email, just type in the student number.

    3.Password:  It is your child's birthday. (For example, an April 7th birthday would be 0407.)  This number is also inside the green FISH folder.

    4. If a window pops up, just click on "continue to website."  Click on Dreambox.   Once in Dreambox, sign in again.  Then select any of the four "worlds" (dinosaur, pixie, pirate, animal).  There will be math activities circled in yellow and green.  Your child may complete either the green or yellow labeled selections in the Dream Box program at home.  The green ones will practice skills they have mastered, and the yellow ones are new skills they need to master.   

    IMPORTANT for Dreambox: All work must be completed by the students at home. No parent support should be given.  This program is  designed around the needs and knowledge of your child's  math skills.  Aiding your child could ultimately change some outcomes with the advancement of problems being provided.  Students need to work by themselves to solve all necessary problems.  They can use pencil and paper to solve their math problems.

    Below you will see the “Learning Environment” that your child sees when they log-in to Dreambox.  At school they only see the bottom 4 circles and at home they see all 6 circles.  The bottom 4 are the actual learning environments where they learn math skills and as they learn they can earn coins.  The top two circles are places they go to play games and spend their coins.  When completing DreamBox homework, they are to be working in the bottom 4 circles.  After their allotted time is up they can then proceed to the games and spend their coins.  Please make sure your child is doing their homework before going to spend their coins in the top circles!



    Raz-Kids:  Go to https://www.raz-kids.com/ and use the information below:

    Click on the GREEN rectangle in the upper right corner: KIDS LOGIN  

    Teacher Username:  ppalkovic1

    The student will select their name from a list. 

    Their password is 

    Students will click on the Level Up space ship.

    In order to progress to the next level, students will need to listen AND read all the books on that level and answer the quiz questions.  (All 3 icons should have a check for each book.)  The reading level is from last year's SPRING DRA if I have that information.  I will update them when we do the DRA testing!

    Not set up yet: Prodigy
    I will not be having students use prodigy in school this year.

    IXL:          http://www.ixl.com/signin/arcola  (Possible Wednesday Math Homework)

    Math homework will be online.  All homework will be assigned under First Grade tab in IXL.  IXL and Dreambox will use the same number and password that are used in school. The username is your child's lunch number/student ID number.  The password is a 4-digit representation of your child's birthday month and day.  (For example, September 1 would be 0901.)  I have affixed these numbers to the inside pocket of each fish folder.  

     Math:  Do Dreambox for 15 minutes.  https://launchpad.classlink.com/loudoun  
     Later for 
     Math:??Do Dreambox for 20 minutes.??LCPSGO   If you are using a tablet, please use the directions below!
    Word Study:??Do an activity with your words!? Try one from this list:??Word Study Bingo 
    Word Study:  Use the colored paper that came home on Monday.  Choose an activity to do with the words that will help you practice them!  It could be to just cut out the words and sort them according to the topic cards (sort in colomns), or you can choose which fun activity you want to do with the words! Try one from this list:??Word Study Bingo 
     Do a pretest to see if you know your words!  Write the topic words at the top of your paper and try to write them in the correct column.  The topic words should help with the spelling, too!  There is a test tomorrow!


    For my former students....   

    Your homework is to love to read the rest of your life!!  Enjoy what books can bring you!  Learn, empathise, and expand your horizons!

    You can sign up for the summer reading program at the library, but enjoy books for their own worth!  

    Summer notes....

     Parents, I would love it if you could take a moment to read this article! I love what it has to say!

    Four Guidelines for Summer Reading


     Oh!  And all of our fun learning websites should still be active through the end of the summer!!