•  8th-Grade Syllabus:

     Orchestra Expectations: 

    • Be Kind & Respectful
    • Arrive On-Time (Come into the classroom, unpack, be seated & ready to tune)
    • Follow Instructions
    • Be prepared for class with the instrument, shoulder rest, music, & pencil (assignments, practicing, etc. are ready to go before class begins).
    • Show Respect for the teacher, classmates, & all equipment.
    • Will play only when instructed to do so.
    • Understand that if he/she cannot play due to illness, injury, etc.…the director requires a note from the doctor, parent, or guardian.
    • Understands that gum, food, drink, or candy are not permitted in any area of the music department
    • Know that concerts & after school rehearsals are not an option they are required & graded
    • Record your practice times for the week. They will be handed in each Monday morning
    • Concerts & After school rehearsals are a required grade (Please Mark Your Calendars)
    • Everyday try to do your best!

    Required Material: A purchased or rented instrument, instrument supplies (Tuner, Strings, Shoulder Rest, Rosin, Cleaning Clothe, Music Stand For Home, nametags for cases) & Find a more detailed list on my web page.

                Books: Essential Elements Book 2 (From Last Year) -Other music will be provided for you in class


    Summative Assessments: Technique, Playing, & Written Tests, Rehearsals & Concerts

    Formatives: Class participation, class preparedness, Assessment during class, & practicing at home

    **Practice is very important at home from the Support of our Parents & Guardians.

                For Students: “ You only need to practice on the days you eat.”~ Unknown

    Best Practice Recipe:

    Warm-up 3-5 min, Scales 3-5 min, Listening 3-5 min, Music/Goals to practice 5-10 min, Fun Music to end the practice session.


    Rental Procedures: Please do not purchase an instrument online. Depending on the make, they are not usually good quality and fall apart easily.

    • The Day Violin Shop (good quality for the price), Music Arts, The Music Loft, Fox’s Music, Brobst Music in Alexandria, Potters in MD (Better Quality). 
    • Please check my website for more ideas and information on the rental process & places.

     Overview of Class:

    ·       Review 7th grade Concepts

    ·       Review Posture & Correct Technique with Instrument

    ·       Learn New Scales

    ·       Strengthen Reading & Aural Skills

    ·       Learn New Songs “By Ear”/Memory

    ·       More Performances

    ·       Traveling to Assessment (SOL) for Music in the County

    ·       Strengthening Ensemble Skills

    ·       More Difficult Music-Stretching Ability

    ·      Learning to Play alone and with others



    Students and Guardians-Please Sign the Syllabus Google Doc after reading through my website: