• Art Evaluation

            A student’s performance in an art project is evaluated using criteria in line with LCPS’ Standards of Achievement (S.O.A.) and the Standards of Learning (S.O.L.).  These criteria fall into several categories including following directions, craftsmanship, and effort.

           Individual assessments for each project are based on a Target rubric.  Students will understand individual expectations through methods of instruction and assessment throughout the project.  The Target rubric will be clearly displayed and discussed throughout the project.

           It is my belief that each student will have their strengths and sometimes weaknesses in the different areas of art that we explore.  The art program is well rounded so that the student is exposed to many different styles and types of art and art production. 

          My main goal is to have each student actively participating in each class, completing assignments in a timely manner, trying their own personal best and embracing an openness of understanding and communication through their experience in visual arts.  

    It is my desire that each student learn, grow and enjoy their time in the Art classroom!
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