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    5th Grade Promotion & Celebration


    Coordinators -
    Casey Jones
    Lindsay Miller



    Note 8/10/2020: Greetings everyone from the 5th Grade Team! Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there's a lot up in the air right now, but we have chosen a date for our promotion ceremony. Will it be virtual or in person? We don't know! Let's hope for the best but regardless we will make it amazing for our 5th graders!


    Below you will find the information for a "typical" 5th grade ceremony. We will keep you updated as the year goes on!

    End of Year Class Events:
    Thursday, June 10, 2021
    Promotion Ceremony begins at 9 am. The Gym doors will open at 8:30 am.  Please line up along the sidewalk of the car rider line and enter through the rear gym doors. Please bring a photo ID for entrance, just as you do when entering at the front office.  Please be on time and plan on the event lasting 1 ½ - 2 hours.  There will be time for photos on the front lawn of the school following the ceremony.  After pictures and hugs from you, your children should return to class to finish the school day.  Students should be dressed nicely.

    For Boys – Dress pants with a nice shirt and dress shoes
    For Girls – Dress pants or skirts/dresses with dress shoes
    Please no shorts, t-shirts, sneakers or flip flops

    Please note - This is a regular school day for your 5th grader.  They should report to school at the normal time in order to prepare for the ceremony.  They will be lined up with their class for the processional into the gym.  After the ceremony, the regular school day will continue. If you plan on taking your child with you after the ceremony, you must let their teacher know and sign them out of the building in the front office.

    Pinebrook Siblings:  If you would like a Pinebrook Sibling to attend the promotion ceremony, you must let their teacher know by Friday, May 31st.  All siblings will be sent to the hallway outside the gym at 8:40 am.  They will wait with a Pinebrook Staff member by the School Store until you come to pick them up.  After the ceremony, they should return to class.  If they are going to come outside for the photos with your 5th grader, they should be returned to their class by their older sibling when the photos are completed.

    Promotion Ceremony Parking: Please do not park in the bus loop. Parking is available on Mindful Court, the main parking lot (limited), and the upper parking lot near the baseball fields. The Promotion Ceremony is at 9:00 to ensure that arrival traffic (7:20 am – 8:00 am) is clear before parents can begin parking to attend the ceremony.
    Pool Party – Students should arrive at school wearing their swimsuits and have already applied sunscreen.  Students need to bring a towel with them to the pool party.  Students will walk to the Kirkpatrick Farms Club house at 9:10 am. Students should bring a bag to carry a change of clothes and goggles if they need them.  Some classes will change after the party at the pool and some will change at school.  We do not know which classes will change where yet, as this typically depends on the rotations for the day.

    Boys – need to wear swim trunks and have a t-shirt to wear when they are not in the water.
    Girls – need to wear a one piece swimsuit or a two piece tankini style suit.

    Pizza Party – Once students have returned to the school and have all changed, they will have a pizza party lunch in the cafeteria.  Food is provided.  This will start at approximately 12:45 pm. 

    5th Grade Clap Out – At the end of the day, students in grades K-4 line the hallways to clap and cheer the grade 5 students as a final farewell. It happens as we close out the last few moments of the school year. Parents are welcome to attend! Parents will stay in the hallway lobby, which is probably the best seat in the house. Parents should get to Pinebrook by 1:55 to be ready for the 2:00 clap out.

    Photo Montage Book:
    There will be a photo montage book available to order on shutterfly (not Lifetouch, as previously stated).  A parent volunteer is diligently working on putting this together.  As soon as we have the order link available, we will distribute it to all parents.

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