Grading Policy 

    Standards based grading means that students are assessed on state-mandated Standards of Learning on the standards taught in class.

    Formative assessments are a form of evaluative communication.These assessments exhibit the student's process toward the learning target, which is why they are factored into the student's grade average by only 10%. 


    Summative grades demonstrate mastery of the standards, communicate what the student knows at the time of the assessment, and  count toward the final grade. 


    Retake Policy

    In an effort to help every student be successful and attain his/her potential, the sixth grade language arts team has developed the following plan which provides opportunities for further instruction, targeted reassessment, and achievement of the learning targets:


    1. Only students who receive less than 70% on a summative assessment will be eligible for the retake process.

    2.  All class assignments and homework aligned with the assessment must be completed.

    3.. Retake plan: The student is responsible for both initiating and actively participating in the retake process.

    4. There may be additional requirements based on the assessment.