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     Welcome to the Pinebrook PTA!

    August 2, 2020:

    A message from the PTA:

    Hello everyone!

    We hope you have stayed healthy and safe this summer.

    While there are still many questions about the beginning of the year hanging in the air, we do have a few answers to some of them:

    1. While we can't do a lot of the things we normally do, that doesn't mean we don't feel like it's time for some new traditions! We are looking for help to put together our first ever Virtual Talent Show, Pinebrook's Got Talent! If you are interested in helping, please email Amanda Lynch at president@pnbpta.org.

    2. Our Membership drive is virtual this year! You can join the PTA in one of the following ways:

    -Head on over to our new Memberhub site!  This is by far the easiest way to join the PTA this year. When you register on Memberhub, you will automatically be sent your PTA membership card.

    -Pay the Membership fee of $10 on Paypal.

    -Don't want to pay online? That's totally okay. Send an email to members@pnbpta.org and we will get you set up.

    3. We do not anticipate being able to do any in-person events until 2021 at present. Obviously, if this changes, we will let everyone know ASAP.

    4. The PTA has absolutely nothing to do with yearbooks. We are sorry. We wish we knew when they were coming, too.

    5. Sprout Supply Kits will be delivered to school the week of August 24. We will let everyone know when pickup will be as soon as we can.

    6. We will be having a PTA kickoff on September 15, 2020. This will be a virtual meeting. We will be voting on our budget.

    7. What exactly is the PTA doing this year? It's definitely different. But we are funding many tools to help the children get the support they need. This includes funding educational software subscriptions, providing mental health resources, and more.

    8. ASEP Classes--Like everything else, this will look a little different this year. We are currently exploring options for ASEP. This program also still needs a coordinator.

    Take care and we will have more information soon,

    The PTA Executive Board





    Our Mission 
    The mission of the Pinebrook PTA is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.
    Follow this link for a document listing all of the responsibilities of the different PTA positions - PTA Position Descriptions.

    2019-20 Executive Board

    Position Name Email
    Principal Paul Thiessen paul.thiessen@lcps.org
    President Amanda Lynch president@pnbpta.org
    Treasurer Rachel Chintala treasurer@pnbpta.org
    VP of Volunteers Rita Israni volunteers@pnbpta.org
    VP of Events Ashlyn Lambert events@pnbpta.org
    VP of Fundraising Karla Daily fundraising@pnbpta.org
    Recording Secretary Casey Jones secretary@pnbpta.org
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