• ¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!

    Classroom Expectations 2015-2016

    Profesora Sierralta

    Sarah.Sierralta@lcps.org @profe_sierralta


    Course Description Students will participate in a variety of activities to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in order to improve their proficiency in Spanish.  As we progress, students will become more capable of communicating effectively in Spanish by obtaining information from spoken and written messages, performing oral and writing exercises, and working towards producing more advanced structural concepts and vocabulary.  We will also explore cultural aspects of the language and their respective countries. The majority of this course will be taught in español. 

    Daily Classroom Materials

    • 3 Ring Binder (2 inches)
    • Lined paper, college-ruled
    • 6 Dividers. Please label them as follows:
      • Calentamientos, Vocabulario, Apuntes, Prácticas, Evaluaciones, Premios
      • Bell Ringers, Vocabulary, Notes, Practice (Handouts), Assessments, Awards
    • Student Agenda
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Dry-erase markers

     The grading system is based on straight points.  The following categories will be used:
    Speaking        Writing           Listening        Reading          Vocabulary                 Grammar
    There will be a variety of formative (for practice – doesn’t count towards final grade numerically) and summative assessments (final and does count towards final grade).  On Phoenix, Formative assessments will be labeled with an “F” before the assignment name and summative assessments will be labeled with an “S” in front of the assignment name. 

    For example: F – Listening “All About Me” – would be a formative assessment or a practice.  Right after I have collected an assignment or assessment, I will enter a “T” in the column for the assignment to indicate that I have the assignment and I am in the process of grading it.  The “T” will be replaced with the grade that students earn on the assignment.

    All assigned work is expected to be turned in on the due date for full points.  Late projects will go down a letter grade every day they are late.  If you do not turn in an assignment on time or you are absent for a quiz or project, your grade will be marked as a “Z.”  A “Z” counts as a zero, but in my classroom it simply means that you need to turn in your late work or make up a quiz.  When you have turned in your work or made up your quiz, the “Z” will be replaced with the grade that you have earned.  You will have many opportunities to earn your grade, as well as many practice activities prior to the graded activities.  Remember that your grade in Spanish is earned through hard work and dedication.

    Retake Policy

    Retake opportunities are available upon request (in Titan Time or before or after school) for 1 summative grammar assessment and  1 vocabulary assessment per quarter, but require the completion and review activities related to the topic assessed.  You will only be able to retake the assessment once and it must be within a school week (5 days) of getting the original graded assessment back from me.  The highest score earned will be the final grade.

    Active participation in class is expected and required, as it will help you be successful.  The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be speaking in Spanish and developing proficiency in the language. I will make sure we have an environment where mistakes are allowed and respected, as long as we’re working towards mastering the language.

    Academic Integrity

    If a student is caught cheating, uses an online translator, or the help of a native speaker, they will earn a zero as this is a direct violation of the honor code.  Parents and administrators will be notified as well.  I suggest you use your vocabulary list, a dictionary, or wordreference.com in preparation for all assignments and projects. Google Translate IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE.  


    If students are absent on the day of a test or quiz you have five school days beginning the day you return to make it up. Please see the Grading section for more information.  If you fail to make up the quiz in the appropriate amount of time, your grade will remain a “Z” and will be counted as a zero.  As young adults, I expect students to be responsible in making up the work they missed and completing it within the allowed time. See me before or after class to setup a time that is convenient for you and me in order to assist you with the missed work.   
    Extra Practice (aka homework)
    You will be assigned extra practice after every class. I expect you to complete it independently or with my assistance if necessary. Extra practice gives you an additional opportunity to use the language outside of class, and study your vocabulary. With the exception of projects, you should spend about 30 min of your time working on the assigned extra practice and going over new vocabulary.
    Hall Passes
    Students will receive 2 hall passes each quarter in case of an emergency.  You must give me the pass in order to leave the room.  If you do not use your passes during the quarter, you can turn them in for extra credit.

    Academic and Behavioral Expectations for Your Success

    1. Show respect towards me, yourself, your classmates and the classroom environment.  Be ready to work both independently and collaboratively in groups.  I expect you to do your part when working with other students.
    2. Be a positive, active learner.  Participate appropriately.  Speak Spanish daily!
    3. Take responsibility for your actions.
    4. Be on time.  Come prepared with all materials, your completed homework and a good attitude about yourself and your abilities.  Be ready to concentrate on Spanish only!
    5. Start the bell ringer when the bell rings.
    6. Familiarize yourself with the school handbook and its rules, as they will be upheld in this class.  You are expected to know the school’s policies on headgear, electronic devices, the honor code, attitude, and dress code.  Any problem or violation will result in an invitation to a clinic on your time and/or a phone call home.


    Any violation of the academic and behavioral expectations of the classroom will result in an opportunity for re-learning about my expectations during your most valuable time. At DHS, we called them clinics. I encourage you to make wise decisions and be prepared to work hard with me and your peers.

    Extra Help

    I am available for study help and make-up work before and after school and during 2nd (Titan Time), 3rd and 7th block by appointment.   It is important that you keep up with your work in this class because we build on the material from day one.  You are encouraged to seek help at the earliest sign of difficulty.  I am happy to assist you in being successful.


    I will be using Edmodo (www.edmodo.com) to post assignments, announcements, etc. this year.  Students NEED to sign up for our class on Edmodo by using the code on my website assigned to their class.  Parents can acquire a code for their own account through their student. Instructions on the tab to the left of my page.
    Students can receive quick reminders before a test, quiz, or project once they sign up with Remind. Go to the tab on the left side of my page to get your code. 
    I look forward to the best year ever with you! I am excited to be your teacher and help you learn Spanish in a fun way!


    After reading this document with your parent(s) or guardian(s), please have them fill out the information on my website under the link to this file. You will receive one point for completing it. ¡Gracias!