• Health Quiz Policy:
    Health quizzes are given once or twice a quarter, after the health lessons are taught. The teachers may choose to assign an in-class project to all of the students instead of giving a quiz. The activities/notes given in class should be used as study guides and reviewed at home prior to the quiz date listed below.
    If a student misses the health lesson, the notes from that class will be provided to him/her on the day that he/she returns to class. The student is to read over the information and ask the teacher for clarification of the material, if necessary. The student will then take the quiz on the next day if they are in PE.
    Retakes will be given at the teacher's discretion.
    Homework Policy
    Typically no Homework will be assigned in Health/PE. There are occasions where students are asked to bring in supplies or materials if working on a project.