Various summative and formative assessments will be administered in both Health and Physical Education. Summative assessments will be weighted 90% of the grade. Formative assessments will be weighted 10% of the grade.

    Class Expectations Assessment: Each student earns 3 points per day; 1 for each of the components listed below. The "Class Expectations" assessment will be entered into the gradebook once every 2 weeks (typically 5 blocks for a total of 15 points).

    Motor Development: Demonstrate and apply mature movement forms and skills as well as movement concepts and principles in a variety of dynamic activities.

    Social Development: Demonstrate and apply a variety of skills to work independently and with others to achieve group and personal goals in physical activity settings.

    FITT Principle: Demonstrate and apply strategies to improve personal fitness including the FITT principle, warm up, cool down, specificity, overload, and progression.