All students are required to enroll in vision. It will be an excellent resource to access class materials when absent or review specific pages in the Civics and Economics notebook. Overall, VISION serves two purposes: (1) as a place where students can go to view material covered in class and (2) as an interactive extension of class where students will be able to respond to topics discussed, as well as self-check understanding of material through checkpoints and electronic assessments.


    Find the login space through LCPSGo or Loudoun VISION
    Sign-In Username: StudentID
    Password: Student's regular computer password 
    All students have been enrolled and shown how to sign in.

    Parents can access through Guest Access

    Enrollment Key

    If this is the first time you are entering the course, it will ask you for the enrollment key. The enrollment key will be provided to you in class by the teacher.
    Each Civics block, for each teacher, has a different enrollment key. Do not get an enrollment key from a friend. If you are unsure, ask your civics teacher.  

    Guest Access 

    Vision allows guest access for parents and other members of the school community who would like access to course calendars and assignments. To login as a guest, follow the same course linked below and click "login as guest" found below the login prompt. Enter the "Harper Park Parent" guest access code.  
Last Modified on October 25, 2019