•  Bring your device (iPad, Tablet, Laptop)!!!
    1.   Pencils (all work should be completed in pencil.)

    2.   Highlighters or Colored Pens (Variety of Color - for visual help)

    3.   Loose-leaf Papers (College-ruled)

    4.   3-Ring Binder (one and half inch)

    5.   Dividers (class notes, homework, and quizzed/tests)

    6.   Box of tissues or disinfecting wipes (To be shared for the whole class throughout the year)

    7.   Calculator is optional. However, it is strongly recommended that you purchase one as you will need to use it for your homework. We are using TI-84 plus in the classroom. The class sets are limited and you won’t be able to check the calculator out for your use at home.