• 12th grade - 1st Quarter  

     Grammar - Commas, Apostrophes, Colons, Punctuate Dialogue

    Literary Terms / Short Stories

    Non-fiction selections-Autobiographical works

    Descriptive Essay - use of Figurative language, sensory language, showing emotions/feelings vs. describing them

    Personal Essay - describe what makes you unique / or a major event and how it has changed you


    12th grade - 2nd Quarter

    Grammar - Subjective-Verb Agreement, Active Voice

    Non-Fiction selections - newspaper, magazine, biography

    Persuasive Essay - State your view / acknowledge opposing views / prove your point with details, examples, etc.

    Research Essay - Research a career or non-American, plagiarism, MLA format


    12th grade - 3rd Quarter

    World Literature-excerpts from around the world

    Non-Fiction - Current Events 

    Compare/Contrast Essay


    12th grade - 4th Quarter

    Literature - TBD 

    Resume Writing 

    Create your own Superhero Unit - Use what you have learned....storyline, develop character, conflict, theme, etc.