• Business Law and Business Management
    Google Classroom: Assignments for Business Law and Management are posted into classroom sections that have been set up for each block. Students are provided time in class to complete assignments and upload them for grading. Google Classroom is a useful tool for students to access handouts, presentations, and assignments in the case of absence.
    Accounting and Advanced Accounting Classes
    Aplia: All Accounting and Advanced Accounting students are working in Aplia. Students complete practice assignments with the teacher and independent assignments in Aplia everyday. The Application problems are graded summatively and students receive feedback (score and what they got wrong) immediately. Students are only working on graded assignments in class. Your student can show you what they have done in class at anytime by accessing it online.
    QUIZLET: Accounting classes are also using quizlet. In quizlet, I have created vocabulary study sets by chapter and/or topic. Students are encouraged to practice these terms and meanings often to reinforce understanding. This link is open to everyone. Feel free to try out the Gravity game, it is fun!
    Clubs and Activities 
    FBLA:  It is a student organization for students in business classes or students who are just interested in business. Mr. Khatcheressian and I are the club sponsors and your student can feel free to contact either of us for more information.
    Apple Federal Student Run Credit Union: We opened a branch last year at our school and it was a huge success! We were named branch of the year and we are looking forward to a fantastic second year. The branch will be open to students and staff during all lunches starting at the end of September. It is free to join the credit union and there are many advantages to opening an account. Please ask your student to stop by during A day lunches to ask me more! 
Last Modified on August 17, 2017