• School Counseling Program
    Counseling Program
    Each Loudoun County Public School has a school guidance and counseling program.  Licensed counselors are responsible for the organization and managment of guidance programs in the schools.  Counselors work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators to help students succeed in school and prepare for meaningful, productive living.  Guidance programs are child-centered, developmental, and preventive, and also encourage student's academic, social/emotional, and career awareness at each stage of their development.  Guidance services are inclusive and respectul of differences in gender, religion, ethnicity, race, ability, handicapping condition and age. 
    Classroom Guidance
    Classroom guidance lessons are presented at each grade level, every other week, and cover a variety of areas outlined in the Virginia Guidance Program.  The lessons will be planned to benefit the entire class and address developmental issues common to all elementary students.  Most lessons will focus on the state mandated Character Education Program but may also address; bullying, how to get along well with others, making good decisions, controlling anger, accepting responsibility, developing study skills and career exploration.
    Additional Counseling Services:
    Individual Counseling - If your child is experiencing any issues of concern or special obstacles, please let us know and we will work with your child on an individual basis.
    Consultation with parents and/or teachers is offered to discuss any problem a child may have that interferes with their academic or social achievement.  Parents may call the school to set up an appointment to discuss any questions of concerns they may have.
    Parent Resource Library -The guidance department offers a number of different materials and resources available for parents.  These resources cover a wide range of different topics and situations that your family or child may be experiencing.  Such topics include how to talk to your child about the death of a loved one, getting through a family divorce or separation, etc.  Materials may be checked out through the guidance department.
Last Modified on August 21, 2014