• Art Department



    Over the course of the year students will learn new processes and techniques for creating art along with the history of related artists, time periods and artistic styles. Students will gain a greater understanding of the basic elements of art and principles of design. The curriculum will include but is not limited to Drawing, Painting, Printmaking & Sculpture.

    Throughout the year students will participate in "brainstorming" activities that will encourage them to generate multiple ideas and teach them problem solving skills. They will also be expected to complete hand-outs and take unit quizzes directly related to each project.  



    Summative Assessments: Each unit is worth 50 points.


    Define: Students are expected to know basic concepts and art terms related to a particular unit of study. These assessments contain multiple choice, true/false, matching and short answer questions.  This assessment is worth 15 points. 


    Demonstrate: Students are expected to create a piece of artwork directly related to each unit. Their project grade is worth 25 points.


    Reflection: Throughout the unit students will be asked to write a reflection piece and complete an artist statement. This portion is worth 10 points.



    Re-Take Policy: All students have ONE opportunity to get an “A” on the define assessment.  


    • Students may only re-take an assessment one time.
    • Any student that scores a 70-79 must communicate with me that they would like to re-take the assessment.
    • A student that scores a 69 or below will be approached by me to re-take the assessment.
    • The highest grade that a student can receive on a re-take is an 80%. If in the event the re-take grade is lower than the original grade the higher grade will be recorded.



    Formative Assessments:


    Provide feedback on a daily basis whereby both the teacher and the student know where they stand. These assessments are not weighted and may or may not be recorded in ParentVue.