Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Middle School is different from Elementary Schoolyou will not have a parent-teacher conference unless you or your child's teacher schedules it.
    Conferences provide an excellent opportunity for you to understand how your child is doing in school, and what you can do to help them succeed.
    If you find you need to schedule a conference with a teacher, contact the teacher directly.
    If you would like to meet with your child's team, contact their counselor and they will arrange a meeting for you.
    Prepare for the conference!
    Write down your questions the night before.   
    Arrive on time. 
    Talk about your biggest concerns first. 
    Listen and ask questions if you do not understand something. 
    Take notes. 
    Stay positive. 
    Thank the teacher and counselor. 
    Talk with your child and make a plan.

Last Modified on February 2, 2015