• Attendance
    Your child cannot maximize learning if he or she is not present for instruction.  Student achievement and success are tied to quality, consistent instruction.  If a student is not present, he or she misses the opportunity to engage in instruction.
    Whenever your child is absent from school, documentation is required to verify the reason for the absence.  Parents/Guardians are required to notify the school as to the reason for the absence.  This may be done through the phone-in line, or on line. 
    Any absence not confirmed by the parent/guardian is considered unexcused.  If your child is going to be absent from school or arriving late, please call the school absentee phone line at 703-722-2662 before 8:35AM.  Speak clearly and give the following information:
    your child's name (spell the last name)
    your child's grade
    your relationship to the child
    a phone number where you can be reached
    the reason for the absence or tardiness
    Repeated or habitual tardiness encourages the formation of undesirable personal habits and disrupts the orderly instructional process of the school. Documentation is also required for tardiness. The parent/guardian must call school to let us know that your child will be arriving late.  
    For early dismissals, your child will need to turn a note into their respective house office before 8:35am.  The note should include:
    your child's name  
    your child's reason for dismissal  
    the time you need to pick up your child in the main office
    your signature
    a phone number where you can be reached
    Your child will be given an early dismissal pass. It is your child's responsibility to show the teacher the early dismissal pass before class starts and report to the main office in a timely manner.  You must come to the office to sign your child out. Photo identification is required. 
    Keeping your child home when they are not ill sends a message that school is not important.  Talk to your child's counselor if your child does not want to go to school.   
Last Modified on January 13, 2015