English 9 Honors Syllabus: Click Here!

    English 9 Late Work and Redo/Retake Policy

     Overview:- Students’ quarterly grades will be comprised of summative assessments.

    -Summative assessments are assessments that demonstrate mastery of content and standards.

    -Formative assessments are preparatory assessments that take place during the learning process. These will appear    in the gradebook but will not count for a grade.

    -Parent contact will be made after three missing assignments as noted in StudentVUE. 
    -Any student who receives less than a 60% on an assignment will meet with the teacher.

    -If a student demonstrates reasonable effort on an assignment-- reasonable effort is defined as having attempted  to correctly complete at least 50% of the work-- then he/she will receive no less than a 50% for that assignment.


     Late Work:

    -Work is expected to be completed on time. 

    -Late work will be accepted with no grade penalty up until the last two weeks of any quarter. After that time, the grade will remain a zero.

     -Teachers will communicate in the gradebook what assignments have been submitted, T, and what assignments are missing, Z.


    -  Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery on summative writing assignments. 

    To qualify for a re-take, the following things must be completed: 

    • All formative assessments must have been completed 
    • Student must arrange for some form of re-teaching with the teacher (i.e. conference with teacher, making flashcards, etc.) 
    • Student must complete the Request for Re-Take Form

     No rewrites/retakes will be given two weeks after the graded assignment has been handed back. No rewrites.retakes will be given during the last week of any quarter. 


      Teacher reserves the right to change policies as needed.