• Course Description

    Expectations for Reading Strategies

    Reading Strategies class is organized as an intervention for students needing additional support in their reading skills.  Classwork is focused on the individual needs of each student for improvement.  No formal homework assignments are usually given, and the class is graded using the "Pass/Fail" structure.  Students are encouraged to read every night for 20 minutes or more.  The best way to ge better at anything is to practice!  Read, read, read... and make it something you enjoy!

    **When checking a student's grade in Phoenix during the quarter, a letter grade and percentage will show.  Please know that at the end of the grading period, all letter grades will be changed to either a "P" for Pass or an "F" for Fail.  The changed grade may cause a glitch in the program's computation of the final grade (listed "FG").  Please disregard any final grade error and know that all grades will be changed at the end of the corresponding grading period.**

    School-wide Retake Policy

    • Students may retake a summative assessment if they score between 49% and 79%.
    • Labs, classwork or summative assessments worth 10 points or less are not eligible for a retake.
    • The maximum score a student may receive on a retake is 80%. The student will receive the higher of the two assessment scores. Scores will not be averaged.
    • Student must complete teacher designated remediation work and/or approved reteaching session.
    • The retake must be a different assessment than the original and can take any format that the teacher wishes.
    • The student will have the opportunity for one retake only per assessment.
    • Teachers still have the autonomy to allow students (on a case-by- case basis) the opportunity to take a retake should they perceive the need.
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