• French 1 and 2 supply list 
     The lesson-writing process for retention is very important and will, regularly, be an opportunity for students to work on their material away from a screen.
    A 2-subject spiral notebook (8.5  / 11) with pockets: This will be used to write down essential parts of the lessons in the first section, the second section will be dedicated to practice.  It will be the major resource/tool for studying and learning.
    A 4-color pen (blue, red, black and green) or 4 pen (1 of each of the 4 colors), no felt pen and no color pencils: This will be used to write down the lesson in a color coded manner to facilitate pronunciation and make a difference between passive and active vocabulary. 
    A dry-erase pen: You will use it punctually with white boards (provided)
    A glue stick