• Hello and Welcome to Mrs. Maier's English Class
    Google Classroom
    Please refer to Google Classroom for information, discussion groups, assignments, and course documents.  Google Classroom is a learning platform where teachers and students can post classroom materials, share links, and access homework.  The site is both free and secure. Students are responsible for checking Google Classroom frequently, especially during/after an absence. Google Classroom assignments are published to the class calendars.

    Parents/Guardians - Google Classroom now has the ability to provide you with regular class updates for your student; click here for a sample.  These updates contain class announcements and assignment information, including upcoming and/or missed assignments. You can control the frequency of the updates (daily or weekly), and you are able to unsubscribe anytime.  If you are interested in receiving these updates, please email me with your preferred email address(es), and I'll send you an invitation; you'll have to "accept" to complete the process and join your student's Google Classroom.*

    *If your student uses Google Classroom for more than one class, and you want to receive regular updates for each of those classes, you'll have to join each class individually, emailing each teacher for an invitation.  In other words, if you sign up for updates from your student's U.S. History class, you won't automatically receive Biology and English updates; you'll have to sign up for those classes separately if you want those updates too. Once you've accepted all invitations and joined each class, your daily/weekly update will include information for all classes combined into one convenient email.