• Facility Request and Building Use at River Bend


    If you are interested in using the facilities at River Bend Middle School, please contact Nick Fisher, Assistant Principal - (571) 434-3220.    



    §6-27 Use of or Access to School Facilities for Non-School Purposes 

    School facilities, including buildings and grounds, are designed and constructed 
    to support the educational programs of the school. Use of these facilities for school purposes 
    shall have first priority. 
    When not needed for school purposes, school facilities may be made available to 
    community organizations for use in accordance with applicable policies and administrative 
    regulations. As used in this policy and policy §6-28, the term "organization" or "community 
    organization" shall mean an organization located in Loudoun County or which organization's 
    purpose is for the benefit of the citizens of Loudoun County, not organized for profit, which 
    organization's purpose and function would qualify it for tax exempt status under Section 501(c) 
    of the Internal Revenue Code (U.S.), and which organization does not discriminate as to its 
    membership qualifications or attendance at any of its functions on any basis prohibited by the 
    laws or Constitution of the United States or the Commonwealth of Virginia. 
    The building principal or his designee is authorized to approve use by community organizations 
    when facilities are not needed for school purposes and is responsible for supervision of the 
    proper use of facilities. The principal or his designee is further authorized to revoke permission of any 
    organization that does not comply with applicable policies and regulations. 
    Conditions Governing Use 
    1. An employee of the School Board must be on duty whenever any school 
    building is used by an eligible organization. If outside the normal duty 
    hours of the employee, the using organization will reimburse the school 
    system for the employee's time in accordance with established fees. The 
    building administrator has the discretion to approve supervision by a 
    Loudoun County Parks and Recreation employee. Such employee must 
    have as his/her sole responsibility supervision of the building. 
    2. No school facility will be used for commercial or personal gain. 
    No facility will be used for money-raising activities unless the proceeds 
    are to be used for charitable, educational, cultural or other community 
    welfare purposes. 
    4. School authorities shall have access to any meeting or activity held in or 
    on school facilities. 
    5. Individual or family affairs are prohibited. 
    6. All using organizations shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless the 
    School Board and all of its members and employees from any loss or 
    injury incurred in connection with the use of school facilities. 
    7. After each use, organizations are required to make certain that the facility 
    is clean and undamaged. Using organization shall promptly pay all 
    necessary custodial and/or supervisory expenses. In the event of 
    damage to school property, reimbursement shall be promptly made to 
    Loudoun County Public Schools (County of Loudoun). 
    8. Using organizations shall be responsible for supervision of persons on 
    school property in connection with use of facilities. The amount of 
    supervision shall be agreed upon by the school principal and may, in the 
    discretion of the principal, include a requirement of police protection. The 
    applicant shall designate one person who will be present and will be 
    responsible to the school principal for supervision of the use of the facility. 
    9. The Division Superintendent is authorized to establish administrative 
    regulations governing use of school facilities as necessary to accomplish 
    the intent of this policy. 
    No school providing access and opportunity for the use of school facilities or to 
    distribute literature may deny equal access or fair opportunity to use such school facilities or to 
    distribute literature, or otherwise discriminate against the Boy Scouts of America or the Girl 
    Scouts of the USA.