• Dominion High School

    School Counseling

     Connect – Inspire – Succeed


    Our Beliefs 
    • All students are unique and should be treated with respect and dignity. 
    • Learning and growth is a lifelong process.
    • All students have ability to learn and succeed, take responsibility for their actions, and contribute positively to their community.
    • Students thrive in a community in which they feel safe, accepted, valued, and engaged.
    • Healthy, caring relationships among students, staff, family, and community members are integral to student achievement.
    • Each and every student deserves equitable access to an appropriately challenging instructional curriculum and comprehensive school counseling program that positions him/her to lead a life of significance. 


    Our Vision

    Students at Dominion High School belong to a diverse community of learners.  Students will be empowered to participate in the exchange of knowledge and ideas, cultivate meaningful relationships, engage in effective problem-solving, and positively contribute to their community.  Students will enter the world prepared to meet its challenges and high expectations and equipped to lead a life of significance.


    Our Mission

    The School Counselors at Dominion High School empower students to achieve their fullest potential by building caring, trusting relationships and providing comprehensive, equitable, data-driven, and developmentally appropriate services that address the academic, career, and personal-social development of each and every student.  School counselors support the educational mission of the school and recognize that our success lies within the collaborative efforts of an educational team comprised of students, families, teachers, school counselors, administrators, support staff, and community members.  School Counselors help students identify and overcome challenges that interfere with their learning, development, and achievement, encourage students to take healthy risks,  and help students acquire knowledge and strategies that will enable them to make informed and conscientious decisions and become leaders, lifelong learners, and model citizens within a global society.