McKinney-Vento Resources Information

  • How do I apply for McKinney-Vento services for my children or for myself (if I am an unaccompanied youth)?

    First step is to complete the LCPS Housing Determination forms. There are two parts, the Loudoun County Public Schools Student Residency Questionnaire form and Explanation of Living Circumstances form. Both are available below. Once completed, please forward the documents to one of our team members (below) or return them to you or your child/children’s school office. You will be contacted with the status of your application. This eligibility determination is valid for up to one school year. Even if there is no change in the living circumstances, the law requires a re-certification of eligibility of every student each school year.




    Get in touch with the LCPS McKinney-Vento team: 


    Becky Hicks, McKinney-Vento Specialist -


    Jacqueline Hernandez, McKinney-Vento Liaison (Se Habla Español) -


    Jessica Carreno, McKinney-Vento Liaison (Se Habla Español) -


    If you want to apply for McKinney-Vento services, please click on this link for the necessary program eligibility forms.


      The Loudoun County Public Schools Housing Determination Form

  • Resource Materials

    If you are a parent or legal guardian of an Loudoun County Public Schools student and want to read a brochure describing the McKinney-Vento Act as well as resources available in Loudoun County; please click on this link:


    If you are a Loudoun County Public Schools student residing alone or with someone who is neither your parent nor a court-appointed guardian; please click here to read more about services available to you:


     If you would like to learn more about a variety of services and resources available to supports students and their families in Loudoun County; please click here:




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