Technology Education


    Technical Drawing and Design
    Grades: 9 - 12     Credit: 1
    This full-year elective course is for any student interested in design and the basic principles of graphic representations, which are common to all areas of industrial work. Students learn basic design techniques and how to communicate design ideas with people all over the world. Foundational skills are developed in the areas of engineering, product design, architecture, and technology using AutoCAD software. Students are eligible to complete the AutoDesk: AutoCAD certification exam in order to obtain an industry credential. Occupational information is also presented, including careers in architecture, building construction, and engineering. Students are eligible for membership in TSA.
    Materials and Processes
    Grades: 9 - 12     Credit: 1
    This elective course considers the processes of manufacturing products. Students interpret designer’s schematics in order to choose the best materials for the product and actually create it in the production lab using industry appropriate machinery. Students will be exposed to an overview of tools, manufacturing processes, and safety skills and explore processes for working with plastics, metals, woods, ceramics, and composites. Students explore the properties of each material and investigate the use of each in products. There is a one-time lab fee of $20.00 collected at the beginning of the year that allows each student to take projects and products home. Safety requirements must be followed in the Production Lab. Students are eligible for membership in TSA.
    Technology of Robotic Design
    Grades: 9 - 12     Credit:1          Recommended sequence: Manufacturing Systems 1
    Students engage in the study of computers and microprocessors and their applications to manufacturing, transportation, and communication systems. Topics include computer equipment and operating systems, robotics, programming, control systems, and social/cultural impact of these technologies. Problem-solving activities challenge students to design, program, and interface devices with computer systems. Learning activities include robotics, computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing and design, and control of electromechanical devices.
    Technology Foundations
    Grades: 9 - 12     Credit:1
    This elective course takes place in the research & design lab where students learn about the practical application of science, technology, and engineering. Challenged with laboratory activities, students create new ideas and innovations, build systems, and analyze technological products to learn how and why technology works. Students are exposed to concepts in biotechnology, communications, construction, manufacturing, power & energy, and transportation. The class is suited for students interested in engineering careers or structures, suspension systems, and robotics & automation. Students are eligible for membership in TSA.
    Aerospace Science I
    Grades: 10 - 12     Credit: 1
    Aerospace Science I is a course designed to introduce students to the technologies of aeronautics and space sciences. The course is a study of the interrelationship between aeronautics and space science. Students use a hands-on approach to study concepts including aerodynamic principles, aircraft and spacecraft technologies, meteorology and space environments, commercial applications, administration and historical perspectives. Field experiences expose students to career paths in the aerospace industry and governmental agencies. There is a one-time lab fee of $20.00 collected at the start of the school year.
    Engineering Drawing and Design
    Grades: 10 - 12     Prerequisite: Technical Drawing & Design     Credit: 1
    Students explore the engineering design process and use a graphic language for product design, technical illustration, assembly, patent and structural drawings. They increase their understanding of drawing and the design process and techniques learned in the prerequisite course. Students use computers, calculators and description geometry and adhere to established standards to solve design problems. Students prepare for the AutoDesk AutoCAD Certified User industry credential.
    Manufacturing Systems I
    Grades: 10 - 12     Prerequisite: Materials & Processes     Credit: 1
    This course provides an orientation to careers in various fields of manufacturing. Emphasis will be placed on manufacturing systems, safety, materials, production, business concepts and the manufacturing process. Students participate in individual and team activities to create products that demonstrate critical elements of manufacturing. Students are expected to follow all safety requirements when elements of instruction take place in the Production Lab. There is a one-time lab fee of $20.00 collected at the start of the school year.
    Technology Transfer
    Grades: 10 - 12     Prerequisite: Technology Foundations     Credit: 1
    Students work with a variety of computers, materials and systems to improve their skills and knowledge. Groups work together to apply mathematics, science and communication concepts on a project that combines systems, such as production, energy, communication, transportation, biotechnology and other technologies. Thematic activities engage students in community problems where they transfer the technological method to address recycling, space exploration and housing.
    Advanced Drawing & Design
    Grades: 11 - 12     Prerequisite: Engineering Drawing & Design     Credit: 1
    Aerospace Science II
    Grades: 11 - 12     Prerequisite: Aerospace Science I     Credit: 1
    There is a one-time lab fee of $20.00 collected at the start of the school year. 
    Manufacturing Systems II
    Grades: 11 - 12     Prerequisite: Manufacturing Systems I     Credit: 1
    Students develop an in-depth understanding of automation and its applications in manufacturing. Activities center on flexible manufacturing processes and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). Students work in teams to solve complex interdisciplinary problems that stem from major systems in automated manufacturing. Students are expected to follow strict safety requirements when elements of instruction take place in the Production Lab. There is a one-time lab fee of $20.00 collected at the start of the school year.
    Technology Assessment
    Grades: 11 - 12     Prerequisite: Technology Transfer     Credit: 1
    Technology Assessment is offered as a capstone course for students in high school. Students use their knowledge and abilities in technology, mathematics, science and other disciplines to analyze the impacts of technological devices and systems on the world. Students use information they acquire through activities and research to predict the future. They use computers and assessment activities to analyze products and systems to determine their possible impact. Students design and present their newly created products or systems.
    Production Systems
    Grades: 12     Prerequisite: Manufacturing Systems II     Credit: 1
    There is a one-time lab fee of $20.00 collected at the start of the school year.