•  We are excited to have YOU in the ERMS Orchestra!

    **All needed supplies for Strings are listed on the ERMS page under Music Supplies 2018/19.  Please make sure you have all items by the end of the first week of school. No student should be without an instrument and supplies entering into the second week of school. For any financial needs, please contact the school PRIOR to the first day of school**

    I highly recommend going by August 1st to receive better selection and quick service. If you take the list to one of the suggested music stores below, they will help you obtain all the items you need. Another wonderful site: www.sharmusic.com is great for obtaining all supplies needed as well. 


    I cannot stress enough to you the importance of not purchasing an instrument at this stage. The lower quality instruments will present numerous problems for your child, and as your child grows, the instrument size does as well. **If there is any financial need, we are MORE than happy to assist. I would rather do this instead of see you purchase an Ebay or Amazon instrument that will cause more harm than good. Please reach out asap if you are in need of any help**. 

    Recommended music stores: Day Violins, Music and Arts, The Music Loft, Minton’s Music
     **I suggest getting the insurance plan on your rental in case anything happens. I know Day Violins will replace strings and bows for free, which is a huge coverage**

    LASTLY, I am a big user of both Google Classroom and Remind throughout the school year. Everything pertaining to the class will be found on Google Classroom throughout the year. I highly recommend that parents sign up as well! Download the free app for Remind to your device to receive text-message like notifications of reminders that I send out. You input your cell #, but it is not viewed by me, and vice versa. Please click on the links below to sign up:
    1) Remind: https://www.remind.com/join/hfba72 ; use this link to join my class!

    2) Classroom Page: https://classroom.google.com/  ; Use this code to join - 50a225