•  We are excited to have YOU in the ERMS Orchestra!

    **All needed supplies for Strings are listed below.  Please make sure you have all items by the end of the first week of school. No student should be without an instrument and supplies entering into the second week of school. For any financial needs, please contact the school PRIOR to the first day of school**

    I highly recommend going by August 1st to receive better selection and quick service. If you take the list to one of the suggested music stores below, they will help you obtain all the items you need. Another wonderful site: www.sharmusic.com is great for obtaining all supplies needed as well. 


    I cannot stress enough to you the importance of not purchasing an instrument at this stage. The lower quality instruments will present numerous problems for your child, and as your child grows, the instrument size does as well. **If there is any financial need, we are MORE than happy to assist. I would rather do this instead of see you purchase an Ebay or Amazon instrument that will cause more harm than good. Please reach out asap if you are in need of any help**. 

    Recommended music stores: Day Violins, Music and Arts, The Music Loft, Minton’s Music
     **I suggest getting the insurance plan on your rental in case anything happens. I know some stores will replace strings and bows for free, which is a huge savings**

    LASTLY, I am a big user of both Google Classroom and Remind throughout the school year. Everything pertaining to the class will be found on Google Classroom throughout the year. It is expected common practice for all parents and students are used to checking this every single day to see what homework and upcoming tests/quizzes are occurring. 

    Download the free app for Remind to your device to receive text-message like notifications of reminders that I send out. You input your cell #, but it is not viewed by me, and vice versa. 

    Remind sign-ups will be sent out and posted on here in the near future. 




    6th Grade Strings:

    1. Instrument in good working condition
      1. Rental suggestions are Day Violins, Music and Arts, The Music Loft, or Minton’s Music **Do not purchase from Amazon, Ebay, etc.**
    2. String Basics Book 1 - for your instrument
      1. purchase in music store or online
    3. Rosin - purchase at music store
    4. Shoulder Rest (violin/viola only - “Kun” or similar brand;  purchase at music store)
    5. Rock stop (cello only - purchase at music store)
    6. Metronome/tuner (this can be an app on your device - many are free)
    7. Music stand (needed for at home practice)
      1. a folding wire stand is perfectly good (can find online at Amazon or Sharmusic.com, or in a music store)
    8. Set of extra strings for your instrument (violin and viola only)
      1. Brand: D’Addario Prelude (do not purchase anything lesser quality - they do not work very well)
    9. Three-ring binder or folder JUST for strings, including:
      1. Loose-leaf paper
      2. Pencils (you may want a clip in pencil pouch)
    10. Name tag with your name on it attached to the outside of your instrument case
    11. Box of tissues 
    12. Headphones (most likely needed for all classes)


     **If you are playing the cello - there is a $25 usage fee for the school year to use the in-class cellos. This fee allows us to maintain and maintenance the cellos that are frequently used by all cello students, as well as replace strings. A form will be sent home the first week of classes, followed by fee collection. There is also the ability to do an online payment for the fee at this link starting August 15 (note: there is a credit card processing charge) - https://osp.osmsinc.com/LoudounVA/BVModules/CategoryTemplates/Detailed%20List%20with%20Properties/Category.aspx?categoryid=DB088


    **If you are playing the string bass - instrument pickup will occur during the teacher work week, which is the week leading up to the first day of school. Information will be sent out to bass students at the beginning of August. Students need to present wiht the parent in order to properly size the student. At this time, students will take their rental bass home, as well as pay their $100 rental fee. There is also the ability to do an online payment for the fee at this link starting August 15 (note: there is a credit card processing charge) - https://osp.osmsinc.com/LoudounVA/BVModules/CategoryTemplates/Detailed%20List%20with%20Properties/Category.aspx?categoryid=DB088