• Welcome to 12th Grade Dual Enrollment English - Mrs. Douglas:
     Here is some important information to help you have a successful start to the program:
    1.  You will take a 3-hour semester college course in the fall and one in the spring.  The credits are earned through Northern Virginia Community College, and our designated campus is the one in Sterling.
    2.  The class relies heavily on technology; it will be used, easily, 90% of the classes for the year.  As such, it is strongly encouraged that students have laptops or smart devices during class.  While not required, it is important to understand that the school cannot guarantee a device for each student every single class.
    3.  You may be required to secure 2-4 novels during the course of the year.
    4.  Since this is a college course, any email communication between parents/instructor MUST include the student, as well.  This also applies to any conferences; students must be present.
    5.  Dual Enrollment English 111&112 are primarily run through students' LCPS Google Classroom accounts.  Parents do not have access to this academic site's content, so please contact Mrs. Douglas if you have any questions.
    6.  Parents, remember that any email communication in regards to a student's grades or classroom performance/behavior MUST include the student in the cc.
    English 111 Syllabus - Fall 2017 Semester
    English 111 - Fall 2017 Semester Schedule Overview