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    What Do I READ When I Don’t Have a BOOK?

    Give the gift of reading!  Try a subscription to one of our favorite magazines.  You will be amazed at the wonderous words your child will be reading.  The short text coupled with vivid graphics often encourage our reluctant readers to fully engage in a reading activity.  Many magazines also include fun family activities as well as projects.  Exposing your child various writer’s crafts will make them stronger readers and writers. .  Most of these titles are available at the public library to borrow, however you can also purchase them at your local bookstore, or subscribe online and have them sent to your home.


    Some popular magazine titles include:

    National Wildlife Federation:  Ranger Rick, Your Big Backyard

    Cricket Magazine Group:  Ladybug, ASK, Cricket

    New Moon Girls (focuses on the creative side of girls, by girls)




    Callipe (history and culture)

    Cobblestone (history and culture)

    Faces (history and culture

    Cricket (literature and art)

    Dig (science and discovery)

    Muse (science and discovery)

    Odyssey (science and discovery)

    BMX Plus

    Crayola Kids

    KIDS Discover

    American Girl

    Discovery Girl

    National Geographic KIDS

    Stone Soup

    GL:  Girls’ Life Magazine

    Boys Life Magazine

    Contact Kids


    Readers Digest

    Sports Illustrated for Kids

    KID Zone

    Young Rider

    Sporting News

Last Modified on September 7, 2023